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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Company Alignment  |  Front-line Managers  |  Sales coaching

Three Ways Sales Leaders Can Shape What's Next

The main goal right now for many organizations, including Force Management, is to effectively lead through the turnaround while supporting customers, employees and communities in the best way possible. That’s why we wanted to share some of the insights in this recent article by McKinsey & Company on how marketing and sales leaders can shape the next normal.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Competitors  |  Industry Insight  |  sales challenges

Understanding Why Sales Organizations Win: Q&A With Sales Researcher

Melissa Short is the VP of Reporting Services at Primary Intelligence. Primary Intelligence is a global leader in Win Loss and Customer Experience Analysis. Both solutions provide analytical insights that help companies win more and identify the root causes that lead to lost revenue and customer churn. In advance of her webinar with Brian Walsh, Force's content team asked Melissa to share some perspective on her research and the companies with which she works.

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

Use our Discovery Guide to teach them to ask the right questions at the right time and subscribe to our blog.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Conversation

Align with the Buying Process: The Power of the Mantra

Many of our Command of the Message® alumni use the phrase "The Mantra”. The Mantra is a saying that we use to ensure the sales team is aligned to the buyer around their current state, what they're trying to achieve with a solution (Positive Business Outcomes) and what's required to get there (Required Capabilities).

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Conversation  |  Sales Process

Creating and Capturing Value in B2B Sales

The key to creating and capturing value in B2B sales organizations often lies in the alignment between sales and delivery or customer success. As an organization, you need an efficient mechanism that enables your teams to speak the same language ensuring that what is promised in the sales process can actually be delivered on after the initial deal is signed. This connection can be a differentiator for a selling organization. It can also help with some of the underlying reasons that cause  buyers to choose your solution over others. 

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Competitors

Losing Deals to the Competition? The Mistake Your Organization is Making

Having an organizational understanding about what makes your solution better and/or different than the competition is critical to having a consistent customer-facing message that enables the business strategy at the point-of-sale. Even if they have the best product on the market, many sales organizations struggle with enabling their sales team to effectively articulate why they're different than the competition in a way that has meaning to the buyer.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Discovery Process

Give Your Reps the Ability to Have Value-Based Sales Conversations

The sales conversation is such a critical component of the sales process, we call it "the moment of truth." It can often make or break an opportunity for a lead to move further along in the process. When sales organizations are struggling with making revenue numbers, the problem may lie in what your salespeople are saying to a potential customer.  Do any of these challenges sound familiar? 

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