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Categories: Economic Change  |  Front-line Managers  |  Sales Leadership

Leading Sales Teams Through a Challenging Economy

Changing course to weather the economic storm is a little like other initiatives that require leader visibility. To pivot successfully, you’ll need to rally the troops and build buy-in around the shifted approach. But unlike a launch, your plan for steering the ship through choppy waters comes with added background noise. Tightened budgets, longer sales cycles, and “not right now”... the realities of today’s market can take a toll on morale. In a challenging economy, it’s critical to retain and maximize the talent you have by providing support. In an environment where your sales organization may be asked to do more with less, you don’t want to risk losing your A-players. Without a clear understanding of your company’s future and plans for how you’ll move forward, economic challenges can make employees feel insecure. Your strategies to hit your revenue goals in a down economy can only be impactful if your workforce is committed to making them a reality.

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Categories: Economic Change  |  Sales Enablement Technology  |  Sales Leadership

The Crucial Aspects of Leading Sales Teams Today

Sometimes change comes in the form of a tidal wave: immediate, dramatic, and undeniable. More often, change happens slowly and steadily: hard to perceive until we’ve drifted so far from the shore that we can’t see where we started. Whether you’re trying to minimize “drift” that’s occurred within your sales organization over time or respond to the immediate impact of the turbulent economic environment, ensure you’re focusing on crucial aspects that enable your team to succeed. Remain focused on the fundamental aspects of good selling while using every advantage to stay competitive in the modern selling landscape.

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Categories: Economic Change  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Messaging

How to Lead a Revenue-Driving Sales Force in Today’s Market

What do today’s most successful revenue-driving sales forces have in common? The top teams all feature the same traits: (1) a customer-focused qualification and discovery process, (2) the ability to attach to desired business outcomes (3) and clear, tangible differentiation. How can leaders help their organization achieve these things? By operationalizing a powerful messaging framework.

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Categories: Podcasts

Latest Podcasts: Building From Within

The roadmap for building effective teams begins with the leader. As sales leaders, we can only command the best possible team when we're operating at our own maximum potential. This month’s guests on the Revenue Builders podcast give insight on the essential building blocks for creating company cultures where teams thrive and exceed collective goals. Tune in as four guests discuss the life experiences which led to their own evolution and personal growth, and how the lessons learned have helped them develop teams that get results, again and again. Listen to the Revenue Builders podcast on your favorite podcast player, so you can easily download, listen and share.

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