Improving the Customer Conversation

Iverify's focus on adoption increases recurring monthly revenue.


The Client

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Iverify is the largest full-service interactive security company in North America. It provides life safety, loss prevention, cyber breach reduction and brand protection for its customers. The company serves a wide-range of businesses, including large and small retailers, automotive dealerships and property management companies.

The Business Challenge

Iverify wanted to move from a transactional relationship with its customers, to a proactive value-based approach. Leaders wanted to improve recurring revenue and increase the amount of revenue sold per salesperson. “We made a lot of transitions and as a result, we were more transactional than we wanted to be with our customers. We wanted to be proactive, really understanding those business challenges our customers were having and determine how Iverify’s solutions fits into those needs,” said Chief Sales Officer David Heller.

The Solution

Iverify involved key executives and leaders from across the company in order to align on why their buyers do business with them and what makes the Iverify solution different in the marketplace. They rolled out Command of the Message® to the entire sales team and implemented a structured plan for adoption and reinforcement, which included weekly calls and communication from executives reinforcing the methodology. The Value Framework was drafted into account plans and sales tools, as well as marketing campaigns.

The Results

Iverify improved sales rep productivity across the organization, as reps shifted to a more consultative sale. Measurable results include:

  • Sales revenues doubled
  • Gross margins expanded
  • Recurring monthly revenue at an all-time high

“It’s the end results, it’s the numbers, it’s the sales. It’s not that we are lucky, it’s that relationship that we have with the clients and our ability to add more relevance to them and to help their business,” said Jim Fanella, CEO. “This process and methodology allows us to do that.”


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