60% Increase in Company Growth

Investing early in a sales methodology paid off for NS1


The Client

NS1 automates the deployment and delivery of the world’s most trafficked internet and enterprise applications. They have more than 500 enterprise customers worldwide, including LinkedIn, Dropbox, Bleacher Report, and The Guardian.  

The Business Challenge

Like many growing companies, NS1 wanted to improve quota attainment and sales productivity, while increasing deal size and minimizing discounts.

Their sellers had to have the ability to handle high-level conversations with CTOs and VPs of IT, in a way that allowed them to solve complex business challenges and charge a premium for that value they could provide.

“Our major selling points were low level and didn’t fit well within an enterprise sales model because we were selling very technically,” said Brian Zeman, Chief Operating Officer. “We focused on our features, capabilities and demos and then tried to find a problem to solve.”

The Solution

Zeman had seen consistent success within two previous sales organizations that implemented Force Management programs. Therefore, he knew how to solve NS1’s challenges and build the discipline necessary to foster success.

He used Command of the Message® to build cross-functional alignment on the high-level value drivers of NS1 offerings, as well as its differentiation in a competitive marketplace. The customized messaging made it easier for salespeople to have conversations that resonated with high-level decision makers.

They were articulating our value in a way that made us much more strategic to those enterprises as opposed to selling a piece of technology at a certain value and walking away,” said Zeman. Improved communication with buyers established an enterprise sales focus that improved productivity and quota attainment.

The Command Center® portal helped sales leaders and managers speed up adoption and drive continual reinforcement of the methodology. New sellers and executives use Command Center continuously to accelerate ramp-up time and maintain company alignment. “The Command Center was excellent,” he said. “It was the right balance of reinforcement without taking away from their productivity, and they didn't feel like it was a waste of time.”

The Results

Implementing these solutions early in NS1’s growth lifecycle helped them drive more top-line impactful bookings and consistent success in the first five quarters post transformation. Below are a few of their measurable results:

  • Increased bookings roughly 60%
  • Improved quota attainment to 70%
  • Cut ramp-up time for reps in half
  • Grew Average Sales Price (ASP) substantially
  • Grew more than 100% for several quarters in a row

Zeman said the engagement, “really had a material impact on our business, not only at a company level, but also at a board level.”

While the sales improvements are impressive, the greatest gain may have been the cross-functional alignment, from leadership on down, around NS1’s value and differentiation.

“One of the things I love most about working with Force is that it pulls the whole organization together around a consistent message and process for selling and delivering to the customers,” he said. “It’s pulling the company together strategically and that makes their offerings super impactful.”

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