Immediate Impact and Measurable Results

Zendesk decreases discounting and improves conversion rate


The Client

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that builds software to empower organizations and customer relationships. The company’s powerful and flexible platform scales to meet the needs of any business. Zendesk serves startups and small businesses, as well as growth companies and enterprises in a multitude of industries.   

The Business Challenge

Dealing with aggressive growth goals, leaders at Zendesk needed a way to improve productivity and scale the company.

“When you need to scale and as your organization is expanding, it is really hard to grow without having a standard process,” said Jaimie Buss, Vice President of Sales for North America.

The lack of consistency in language and in process meant the organization struggled with accurately forecasting deals. In addition, in order to scale, the sales team would need to shift to selling the full value of Zendesk, which included the total suite of products with multi-year contracts. Like many companies tackling market share and trying to preserve margin, they needed to minimize the amount of discounting in the late stages of the sales cycle.

The Solution

Zendesk implemented Command of the Sale® in combination with MEDDPICC training to improve qualification and revenue predictability. The programs also helped standardize their qualification process and gave them a common language around deal stages.

Zendesk also launched Value Negotiation training to provide sellers with customized tools that gave them the power to execute a value-based negotiation process.  With a multi-solution approach, Zendesk was able to continue building on the foundation instead of starting from ground zero with every new training.

The Results

Zendesk has seen measurable results from the initiative, including:

  • Year-over-year growth in conversion rates
  • Increase in average deal size
  • Growth in multi-product deals
  • Significant decrease in discounting
  • Value Negotiation training paid for itself within one quarter after training

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