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This blog contains content from Chapter 7 of our eBook - Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies. Start from the beginning here.

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s told by Doug Gilkey, Vice President of Sales, Manufacturing for Epicor's 
Global Business division.


My company embarked on Force Management’s fast-start program as we were looking for sales transformation. And we found it through the Command Center, Force Management’s On-Demand engagement management system.

There are two main elements that helped us drive adoption through the Command Center.

First, is availability of the content. Like most sellers of technology today, my team and I are mobile. We travel 50 percent of the time. I often access Command Center while on the road, listening to Force Management podcasts on a train or in a hotel room. The ability to access the platform on-the-go is super important, because we’re always on-the-go and always on our laptops and cell phones.

Second, is the conciseness of the content. I think it’s one of the most powerful elements of the Command Center. The content is easily digestible. We’re talking less than 15 minutes for most stuff. That’s key – keeping that content crisp and short. Those two things were critical to me as a sales leader. I needed to able to support my sales team in that way.

Honestly, I access most of the information from my phone. In the absence of having that real-time access through various mechanisms, I think we would have had a much lower adoption rate.

At Epicor, we’re about building a tried and true, repeatable sales process. Our engagement with Force Management and the reinforcement through the Command Center helps my team of 75 sellers have value-based conversations with our customers.

We have to be able to speak with our customers in terms of their business challenges and to listen more than we talk. Without access to the Command Center, the level of stickiness of the training and adoption of the value framework and customer vernacular, just wouldn’t have happened.

We are just getting started in our transformation, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to evolve and step up our sales game.

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