Insights Sales Leaders Are Using to Determine Their Next Steps

Insights Sales Leaders Are Using to Determine Their Next Steps

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Take a deep dive into the content and expertise other sales leaders have found insightful as they operationalize new initiatives. We asked the Force Management team what assets resonate the most with the leaders they’re talking to every day. This list is the result. You may also find them valuable as you work to improve your team’s sales performance.  

Improving Business Predictability with MEDDICC

When it comes to improving qualification and forecast accuracy, MEDDICC continues to be one of the most frequently discussed topics amongst executive leaders and board members. Our MEDDICC offering page is consistently one of our most viewed pages on the website. Here are some of the main topics that come up when sales leaders are operationalizing MEDDICC initiatives.

Maximize MEDDICC Results with a Solid Sales Process and a Clear Value Message

This guide aims to help sales leaders ensure they have the right foundations necessary to reap the benefits of MEDDICC and drive nearly 100% business predictability. You may also be able to maximize MEDDICC results similarly, by ensuring you have a solid sales process and a clear value message. 

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How MEDDICC Helps Drive Predictable Revenue

Building a strong MEDDICC qualification tool and a company culture that supports it demands the right approach from sales leadership. This on-demand webinar covers how companies are implementing and executing MEDDICC to propel their sales organizations forward. If your company leaders are seriously considering a MEDDICC implementation, there are takeaways in this conversation that may be critical to your success.

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Improving Your Overall Sales Qualification Process

With a MEDDICC initiative (as with any strategic change) there's no quick fix for improving qualification and shortening the sales process. Understand what other internal sales qualification challenges you may need to course-correct. Ensure your reps are focused on the right opportunities and the sales activities they need to execute to move them forward efficiently. See how other leaders layer MEDDICC into an effective sales qualification process.

[Resources to Help You Improve Sales Qualification]

Building Sales Resiliency and Making New Behaviors Stick 

You’ve got numbers to hit and no matter the environment you’re selling in, you need an agile and resilient sales team. Aligning an entire sales organization behind a consistent sales motion is not an easy task, even for the most experienced revenue leaders. Building sales resiliency demands a change in sales behaviors that leads to repeatable success. Here are the insights and best practices revenue leaders have used to change sales behaviors and recognize revenue results.

Initiatives That Work

Achieving organizational sales transformation and resiliency takes a concerted effort. How are other leaders successfully building resilient sales teams? How are they changing sales behaviors in a remote or omnichannel environment? How are they driving impacts in a global sales organization? How can you tailor your change initiative to ensure success for your specific sales organization and challenges? This resource has those answers and more. Use them to make your sales initiatives stick and drive long-term success.

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Sales Transformation: The Ladder to Organizational Success

Too often, sales initiatives are implemented with a sales-only approach. This siloed approach may limit your outcomes. This resource covers how company-wide alignment behind a sales transformation initiative impacts overall sales success, often resulting in three different levels of transformation. Which one does your initiative need to achieve? Define where you need to fall on the ladder to organizational success and how to get there.

[Review the Three Levels of Success Initiatives Can Achieve]

A Conversation on How Leaders Are Boosting Sales Performance Right Now

Define your plan to build a resilient sales team. Leave no question as to whether new behaviors/processes/methodologies will stick. Ensure they do. Consider the processes and actions other leaders use to change sales behaviors and drive long-term adoption. Watch the webinar to see what you can implement into your approach to ensure your efforts drive front-line and company-wide impacts.

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Equipping Managers to Make Bigger Impacts on the Number

A critical element that helps sales organizations go from good to great is their ability to build managers into strong sales coaches. As a sales leader, you have the opportunity to elevate your managers into valuable leaders by enabling them with the tools to coach successful teams. We’re working with sales leaders right now who are using these tactics and methodologies to enable their front-line managers to coach to success. You may find them helpful as well.

Coaching the Coaches: Processes and Tactics Leaders Use

Sales leaders have found this guide as a helpful starting point to enabling managers to teach repeatable sales skills, develop greener reps, and drive consistent front-line execution. See what you can implement right now to help your managers go from good to great. 

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A Conversation that has Sales Leaders Rethinking Their Approach

Great leaders are great leaders — no matter the court they operate in. On the Audible-Ready Sales Podcast, John Kaplan, Force Management President, had a chance to chat with Coach John Mosley Jr. from Netflix's Last Chance U and East Los Angeles College. Their conversation weaves through great messages, packed with valuable coaching takeaways for all leaders. 

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Three Ways to Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

The best revenue leaders balance a focus on short-term goals while keeping their eye on the long game. This forward-thinking effort often involves implementing changes to the sales organization to drive resiliency and scalable growth. Easier said than done. Here’s what sales leaders are implementing and how they are successfully executing against short-term and long-term goals.

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Supporting Reps in Selling Higher

Sales leaders are interested in what’s working when it comes to equipping reps to sell enterprise-level deals and repeat their high-value performances. As a result, we’ve leveraged our experienced team of sales leaders to put together these resources. They cover proven and scalable ways leaders have successfully enabled entire sales teams to sell higher.

The Most Powerful Tool for Your Sales Organization: a Value Framework

Leaders are looking for a proven framework and point of view their salespeople can use repeatedly to get in front of high-level buyers and make an impact. Many of them are landing on a Value Framework. See for yourself why they’re interested in this proven framework. Consider how your sales team can use this framework to repeatedly access economic buyers and be relevant to their business needs.

[A Proven Framework]

How to Enable Reps to Sell Higher

A compilation of all the best practices sales leaders use to enable reps to close high-level opportunities, repeatedly. In this episode of the Audible-Ready Sales Podcast, Force Management Managing Director of Facilitation, Brian Walsh, shares how company leaders can look inward to get reps to sell higher. See if your efforts are aligned with the best practices Brian shares, from his experiences working with successful leaders. Implement the action steps he shares into your approach.

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Intercom’s Leaders Tell Their Story

Enabling reps to sell upmarket and close enterprise-level opportunities, repeatedly, was a major focus for Intercom as their business matured. Read their leaders’ take on how they enabled their sales organization to sell higher and increase average deal size by 261%.

[Read Intercom’s Story From Their Leaders’ Perspective]

Define and Align What’s Next for Your Sales Team

Whether you’re wondering if this year’s initiatives are driving the sales impacts you need, or you’re working to capitalize on your team’s sales successes — use this time to level set. 

Consider the broader goals of your company this year and the next. Determine how well your sales organization is set up to achieve them. We have a quick sales assessment that will give you a snapshot of where you are. It's a fast, easy way to drive alignment and determine action steps around mid-year priorities. Take the five-minute assessment and share it with other leaders to compare responses.

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