How to Make Your Digital Content Digestible, So Your Sellers Will Consume It

How to Make Your Digital Content Digestible, So Your Sellers Will Consume It

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This blog contains content from Chapter 4 of our eBook - Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies. Start from the beginning here.

Sales transformation means doing the hard work. It means showing in words and actions that your sales initiative is a top priority for your company. It’s up to leadership to set the tone and provide processes and tools to drive long-term adoption of new sales methodologies. To instill confidence in your sellers, you’ll need to provide them with access to the right digital content at the right time, at their fingertips and on any device.

The right digital content is served piping hot, in short, digestible chunks.  Because these are the kind of learning opportunities that resonate with sellers. Customization is also important, to meet sellers where they are on their learning curve. Finally, it’s important to have a consistent message, to drive cross-functional alignment for everyone in the sales organization. Provide these things and your digital content hub will become the backbone of your sales team’s success.

If you expect sellers to embrace new methodologies, processes and tools, you’ll need to do a good job of providing them with on-demand access to the best digital courses, content, and coaching to support your sales initiative. That means providing content that sellers can tap into when they need to master the next phase of the sales process. It also means offering content in digestible learning modules that can be accessed on the road or between meetings. It’s about making new content easier for sellers to internalize, adopt, deploy and master.

The right digital content platform — the kind that propels your team and your revenue — is a critical part of sales enablement. It’s in place all the time, when and where your team needs it. It meets each seller where they are, in the field, 24/7. As a leader, you want your sellers to learn, but most of the time, they’re busy - you know, selling. That’s why it’s so important to make access easy and your content digestible. You’ll increase your ability to drive success if you can customize the content to all devices, so access is available on whichever device is most handy.

With a platform that delivers the right digital content to your sales team, you’ll accelerate adoption and give your sellers the best opportunity to execute successfully and drive revenue.

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