4 Ways Mobile, On-Demand Content Helps Increase the Confidence of Your Sales Team

4 Ways Mobile, On-Demand Content Helps Increase the Confidence of Your Sales Team

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This blog contains content from Chapter 2 of our eBook, Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies. Start from the beginning here.

The right digital technology instills confidence in sales leaders, front-line managers and throughout the organization.

It Communicates Alignment and Vision

A sales-focused digital content hub is not your typical learning management system (LMS). Consider it to be the difference between you hoping your sales methodologies stick and you knowing your sales methodologies will stick. It’s what creates alignment between you and your team — in how you communicate to customers, work with customers and deliver your value.

The key to success is having a sales enablement and training platform that allows you to consistently communicate your vision to the sales team, check in with your managers and keep your team focused, engaged and positioned for sales success. When you have the right sales enablement and training technology in place, it brings people together to speed adoption of sales methods and turn the art of closing deals into a repeatable science.

It Extends the Life of In-Person Training

Anyone who has ever supported a sales organization as it moved through a new stage of growth knows that it requires heavy lifting. It’s a lot of pulling and stretching and challenging your sellers to reach new levels of performance. It takes guts and determination to stay the course while new concepts are being taught, adopted and executed successfully. Conviction from your leadership team builds confidence among your sellers.

In addition to choosing the right sales methodology, you’ll need to make sure you provide the right content at the right time, using the right engagement management platform.

The right technology platform can help sales leaders drive successful adoption by extending the life of your in-person training.  It helps reps and managers put their training to work so everyone can reap the benefits.

It Drives Buyer-Focused Sales Conversations

To close a deal that works for not only your customer but also your company, it’s going to require a team effort. The content and messages you provide to help sellers position your solution should ultimately translate to successful sales conversations at the buyer level.

A consistent message at the buyer level means your entire organization is focused on buyer needs, value drivers and desired outcomes. It also means your sales team is enabled to effectively differentiate against competitors, including “do nothing” and “do it internally.” Clarity and conviction around those skills is what builds the confidence your sellers need to move buyers to take action.

It Helps Front-Line Sales Managers Successfully Coach Their Sales Teams

Taking on a major sales initiative means you’re in it for the long haul. You’ll need to gain visibility into your adoption and reinforcement efforts. To drive full adoption and reap the benefits on the ROI side of the equation, your technology platform will need to help you as a sales leader drive clarity, discipline and rigor among your team. You’ll need a vehicle that enables your entire sales leadership and management team to coach and inspect progress along the way.

As a sales leader you’ll need to equip front-line managers with the ability to drive inspection and reinforcement. By choosing the right engagement management platform, you’ll elevate the capabilities of your managers, instead of constraining them.

Nothing drives revenue like a confident sales team. Make sure your on-demand content platform delivers the tools and content your sellers need to drive success.

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