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How to Make Digital Content the Backbone of Your Change Management

How to Make Digital Content the Backbone of Your Change Management

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This blog contains content from Chapter 1 of our eBook - Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies. Read the entire eBook here.

Deploying a high-tech, digitally enabled sales engagement management system will allow your teams to learn, practice and master concepts wherever they are, whenever it works for them. That’s what will drive rapid, consistent adoption of sales methods across your entire team, no matter how large or spread out.

The key here is to empower your sales organization by providing digital content on demand in a platform that makes it easy for them to consume and apply core learnings.

Getting your digital content right is a big part of the equation. Yet, equally as important is getting your sales reps and managers to consume the content and deploy what they’ve learned.

Your sales engagement management platform should act as a technology backbone to leverage critical content and tools throughout your initiative. You’ll need flexibility to support, reinforce and coach your sellers and managers. You’ll also need actionable insights that provide visibility into the performance and engagement of your sales organization. The right technology platform can help sales leaders drive successful adoption by providing the information sellers need, when they need it.

While almost every sales effectiveness company leverages some form of instructor-led training, only a few support their training with engaging digital content that extends beyond the classroom and out into the field.

An accessible content hub drives support for your change efforts by providing your organization with real-time access to relevant content, tools and resources. The right technology platform helps everyone on the team gain a consistent understanding of how this new approach will specifically change the trajectory of your sales organization.

Consistent content paired with the capabilities your team will build by using the right tools and resources will help everyone understand what skills are required to execute successfully. It’s this foundation that helps sales teams deliver a successful revenue model.

When you make digital content the backbone of your change management initiative, you’ll drive the following critical elements of success:

  • Improved Sales Adoption and Execution
  • Successful and Sustained Engagement
  • Better Learning Experience for Sellers
  • Accelerated Achievement of Outcomes

Get digital content and its’ delivery right and you’ll support each member of your team - giving front-line managers and sellers alike the resources they need to drive new levels of sales performance.

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