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The Command Center is an on-demand learning hub that powers training preparation for your engagement and ongoing reinforcement, long after delivery. It’s built to help your sales team move to a mastery level in executing the methodology and frameworks delivered during your engagement. Command Center empowers managers to own their role in driving reinforcement and adoption by helping them improve their coaching skills and knowledge on critical concepts.

Customers Share the Impact of Command Center

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The eLearning's provided in the Command Center go in a particular learning path not only for preparation for training, but also for reinforcement. The best part is the Sales Enablement team doesn't need to build it. It comes prepared and available to the team. It's wonderful for us to gain insight on rep adoption. If they miss something we can spot it and we know we always have a training we can point reps to to make sure they get the message and the adoption happens.

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Liz Pulice
Sales Enablement Leader

The Command Center is excellent. It was the right balance of reinforcement without taking away from their productivity, and reps don't feel like it's a waste of time. They see the value and use it.

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Brian Zeman
Chief Operating Officer, NS1

Over twelve months, it's been a process that has helped us establish new habits in how we think about our engagement with our customers, both before and after the sale. That to me is the biggest difference in this engagement and what makes Force stand out.

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Keegan Riley
Chief Revenue Officer, Sysdig

The Command Center is the enabler for you as the sales leader to ensure bite-sized chunks of reinforcement are being rolled out to your teams.

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Doug Gilkey
VP of Sales, Manufacturing, Epicor

Accelerate Adoption with Digital Content

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How Command Center Powers Adoption

A central location for accessing all Force Management training, resources and content.
Get an on-demand digital hub that gives you visibility into your adoption and reinforcement efforts.
Leverage content developed by our experts, immediately available so your team can build proficiency on day one.
The platform is updated continuously, adding to your content catalog and improving your ability to drive ROI.
Provide your sales team with an ecosystem for applying the methodology to active pipeline opportunities.
Equip front-line sales managers to coach and inspect their team’s growth and success.

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