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How to Use Your Sales Skills in Your Next Job Interview

Matt Payne is a seasoned sales enablement executive, with extensive experience in software. A certified Command of the Message Facilitator, Force Management worked with Matt at Jama Software helping  the company align the sales strategy with the organization’s growth goals. After leaving Jama, Matt continued his sales enablement experience for a customer data platform company. Several years ago an engineer friend of mine was laid off and was trying to find work. After a few weeks of job searching, we met for coffee. I’ll never forget his serious, deadpan comment, “The skills that make me good at my job are the exact opposite skills needed for finding a job.”

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Align Your Differentiation to Your Prospect's Needs

We often write about the importance of discovery. Our facilitators frequently say that deals are won and lost in discovery. It's critical that you use this time in the sales process to uncover needs, and at the same time, align your differentiation to what the buyer needs. As a salesperson, you need to think about why people choose your solution and how you can get that criteria into every buyer's decision criteria.

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Categories: Differentiation  |  Sales Conversation

3 Skills to Improve Your Sales Conversations

Closing opportunties faster is easier when you can tailor your sales conversations based on what your buyers need. Sellers that exceed quotas excel at actively moving conversations forward by articulating value and differentiation in a way that ties their solutions to their buyers' most pressing business challenges.

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Categories: Competitors  |  Differentiation  |  Sales Conversation

Three Common Sales Scenarios: How to Compete and Win the Opportunity

There’s hardly an opportunity that doesn’t come with some sort of competition. Whether it’s an established vendor that has the upper-hand, or you are dealing with some internal forces that are making it hard to move your opportunity forward. Today, The Command Center breaks down how to deal with significant obstacles in your opportunity.

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