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Categories: Competitors  |  Sales Discovery Process

Key Steps to Improve Your Discovery Process

Opportunities are won and lost on discovery. The ability to ask great questions in the discovery phase is one of the most critical abilities for successful salespeople. The greater your depth of awareness of the prospect's problem, the better equipped you are to sell a high-value solution to match. Still many salespeople struggle with getting prospects to truly reveal negative consequences and challenges with significant business impact. We've pulled together some of our best practices for executing a great discovery process:

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Categories: Competitors  |  Sales Process

How to Beat the Competition in Your Sales Process

If you've sold for any amount of time, you know that there is always a competitor in the sales process. It may be another vendor, or even the dreaded "do nothing" or "do it internally". Any of these options can stop a deal in its tracks. Without the ability to clearly differentiate your solution, and understand its value, a buyer's decision is arbitrary and often price-driven. We pulled together some key tips to help you beat the competition in your sales process. Use these concepts as ways to help you prepare and execute meaningful and winning sales conversations.

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Categories: Competitors  |  Differentiation  |  Sales Conversation

Three Common Sales Scenarios: How to Compete and Win the Opportunity

There’s hardly an opportunity that doesn’t come with some sort of competition. Whether it’s an established vendor that has the upper-hand, or you are dealing with some internal forces that are making it hard to move your opportunity forward. Today, The Command Center breaks down how to deal with significant obstacles in your opportunity.

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