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Categories: Podcasts  |  Sales Conversation  |  Sales Messaging

Podcast: How to Use Metrics in Your Sales Conversation

Metrics can be a tricky concept for salespeople, especially those who are new to our Command of the Message® methodology. Typically we find these sellers are using metrics in the wrong way in the sales conversation. Metrics are important, but they're not the whole story. They don’t necessarily solve the Positive Business Outcomes or the Required Capabilities.

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Categories: Negative Consequences  |  Podcasts

Podcast: Digging Deep on Negative Consequences

In B2B sales, every prospect account in your pipeline involves critical factors that will turn that open opportunity into a closed deal. Uncovering problems that are having significant impact on business helps elevate your solution to high-level decision makers.  

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Categories: Podcasts

Podcast: Building Up Your Champion

Champions can be integral to your success in an account. When you have a true champion, you have an advocate who is invested in your winning the business. However, the relationship shouldn't end with closing the initial opportunity. Best-in-class salespeople lift up their champion in a way that demonstrates business value. 

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Categories: Podcasts  |  Sales Discovery Process

Podcast: Five Mistakes You're Making With Your Discovery Process

When salespeople excel at discovery, they sell larger deals. Your ability as a salesperson to effectively move a complex B2B opportunity through the pipeline demands you know how to uncover high-level business issues. 

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