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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Differentiation  |  Podcasts

Align Your Differentiation to Your Prospect's Needs

We often write about the importance of discovery. Our facilitators frequently say that deals are won and lost in discovery. It's critical that you use this time in the sales process to uncover needs, and at the same time, align your differentiation to what the buyer needs. As a salesperson, you need to think about why people choose your solution and how you can get that criteria into every buyer's decision criteria.

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Categories: Sales Messaging

Don't Move Your Deal Forward Without These Three Things

If you are trying to move a sales opportunity forward, there is no better way than to ensure you're linking a solution to an issue that's mission critical to an organization.

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Categories: Podcasts  |  Sales Conversation  |  Sales Messaging

Podcast: How to Use Metrics in Your Sales Conversation

Metrics can be a tricky concept for salespeople, especially those who are new to our Command of the Message® methodology. Typically we find these sellers are using metrics in the wrong way in the sales conversation. Metrics are important, but they're not the whole story. They don’t necessarily solve the Positive Business Outcomes or the Required Capabilities.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Company Alignment

Podcast: Aligning with Your Buyer in Sales Conversations

Effective discovery can make the difference between closing a great deal and consistently missing your quota. Uncovering business problems provides you, as a salesperson, the ability to effectively map your solutions to the customer's required capabilities. The key is to prepare, ask great questions, listen and effectively play back what you heard to the customer.

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Categories: Sales Productivity

Our Best Sales Tips For Handling an RFP

We are asked frequently about handling request-for-proposals, especially by our Command of the Message Alumni. What if you're late to the RFP process? What if you know your prospect is going to issue one, but hasn't yet. How can you be ready?

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Categories: Sales Discovery Process

Strategies to Increase Sales: Asking Bold Discovery Questions

Discovery is the most important part of the sales process. This is where you lay the groundwork for all future interactions with the client and build a relationship that will provide value over the long term. Some salespeople have a tendency to rush the discovery process, anxiously trying to get the order. Pushing the process leads to bad habits. Instead, focus yourself on being more efficient in uncovering key business issues that lead to great deals. Here are a few questions to use that will help lead a conversation to a business impact discussion.

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