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How to Take Full Advantage of Search in Social Sales

Effectively using search tools can gain you that coveted access to decision makers in your prospective accounts. Our partners at rFactr recently posted this blog on maximizing "boolean" search for social sales. It provides some great tips for those of you who want to gain an edge over your competition. Each social network contains a highly detailed database of professionals that savvy salespeople can access to create targeted lists of prospects through social search. While that is great news for salespeople, search engines on social networks are also very robust. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with social search best practices to ensure you are taking full advantage.

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Categories: Sales Planning

Social Media and Sales: Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Time and again, I am asked whether it is beneficial to upgrade one’s account from the free version of LinkedIn to a Premium version. In my opinion, the answer is two-pronged. The first thing to consider is whether you are maximizing the free version of LinkedIn. To start, look at whether or not you have a fully optimized profile.

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Categories: Sales Conversation

5 Ways You Can Demonstrate Value and Social Influence

Social media allows professionals to demonstrate their accountability, successes, and overall value through their account profiles and posts. For sales professionals, showcasing this value, or ‘social influence’, is an increasingly important part of the sales process. Social influence helps you establish yourself as a thought leader and helps build trust with others online, which are two key indicators of social sales success. Listed below are five areas of your social media accounts to focus on to help you demonstrate social influence today.

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