Sales Kickoffs: Lessons Learned

The Good, The Bad, and The Game Changers

A Conversation with the Experts

The Force Management team has helped countless sales leaders execute meaningful Sales Kickoffs that launch organizational change and impactful results. What separates the best from the rest? What are the steps leaders can take to make their SKOs a game changer? Facilitators Brian Walsh and Antonella O'Day share what they've seen work best and key mistakes to avoid.


What You Want to Know

If needed, jump to the topics that are most relevant to your current needs:

  • [0:52] Two ways to make your SKO more impactful for your sales team
  • [6:20] Steps to take to ensure your SKO provides value and tangible benefits to your salespeople.
  • [13:39] Three things managers can do to make sure their teams get the most out of the SKO.
  • [18:26] How to deal with skepticism from your salespeople to improve engagement and participation.
  • [22:51] Top mistakes we see often and how to avoid them and their setbacks.
  • [28:38] Two big takeaways to keep in mind as you move through your SKO journey.

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Best Practices and Planning Tools for SKO Success


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