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How to Use Your Sales Skills in Your Next Job Interview

Matt Payne is a seasoned sales enablement executive, with extensive experience in software. A certified Command of the Message Facilitator, Force Management worked with Matt at Jama Software helping  the company align the sales strategy with the organization’s growth goals. After leaving Jama, Matt continued his sales enablement experience for a customer data platform company. Several years ago an engineer friend of mine was laid off and was trying to find work. After a few weeks of job searching, we met for coffee. I’ll never forget his serious, deadpan comment, “The skills that make me good at my job are the exact opposite skills needed for finding a job.”

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Six Questions to Test Your Prospect's Decision Process

If your sales team is responsible for closing complex enterprise deals, you know that the process can be lengthy and complex. You’re probably also painfully aware that it can be fraught with peril. Anything from an unexpected objection to a shift in leadership can undo your team’s progress and kill the deal.  High-performing sales teams, understand that the key to closing more deals lies in a critical understanding the buyer’s process. These high performers leverage that understanding to anticipate obstacles and effectively drive the process to completion. Here are six questions to help your team members gauge the strength of an opportunity. 

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How to Move Your Prospects Through the Sales Cycle Faster

The ability of your sales teams to sell higher in an organization is driven by a value-based selling rhythm that drives a shorter sales cycle and bottom-line impact. What sales leader doesn't want a team that's selling more deals, more quickly?  The key is to ensure your sales team has the ability to create urgency. 

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Sales Tools: Write A Champion Letter

A Champion can be a pivotal component to your successfully closing an opportunity. A Champion... has access to the Economic Buyer possesses organizational credibility, influence and power actively sells on your behalf, when you’re not there Remember Champions sell for you because they have a vested interest in your success. Because they contribute to your success, it’s important that you build that relationship.

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