Get Better Results by Simplifying Your Meeting Objectives

Get Better Results by Simplifying Your Meeting Objectives

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Sales calls can easily go awry when you try to accomplish too much. Your prospects may become overwhelmed or confused, and you may miss out on key opportunities to advance the deal. Before your calls, determine the key objective you want to accomplish in the conversation. Prepare your agenda accordingly.  

In a recent episode of The Audible-Ready Podcast, Frank Azzolino, Force Management Senior Partner, talks about how he sets objectives for his meetings and stays focused on them, while gathering key information that moves the deal forward.  

Ways to Prep for Better Sales Calls

Use these tactics to make sure your sales calls progress your deals more efficiently.

Have a single focus:

What do you need to accomplish from this one video or phone conversation? Do you need to talk to your prospect about securing a meeting with the economic buyer? Do you need to align the group on the required capabilities for success? Do you need to ensure your champion is clear on your comparative differentiation? Whatever your focus may be, write it down and develop your pre-call plan around what you need to do to achieve your desired outcome. 

Develop a call agenda based on that focus:

Take the time to develop an agenda aligned to that key objective. As you pre-call plan, consider what questions you need to ask. What information are you listening for? What other decision makers do you need access to? Take care in forming an agenda aligned to your objective and desired next steps. Send it to your prospects in advance to ensure alignment on the call. 

Prepare a strategic wrap up for once you’ve got what you need:

In the remote sales environment, it can be easy for conversations to lose steam because people hop off a call or video chat too quickly, without leaving enough time to solidify next steps. Once you’ve achieved your main objective for the conversation — have a plan for how you can wrap up the conversation purposefully. Be prepared to validate what you heard, solidify timeframes and establish clear next steps for what happens after everyone hangs up. 

Remember to Always Validate What You’re Hearing From the Customer

Elite sellers make sure that they’re not forcing the customer through their selling process, rather they’re participating in the customer’s own buying process. 

Be sure to actively listen to what your prospect is sharing with you. Your buyer may share frustrations, new information, and/or changes within their organization that will be critical to your ability to close the deal and build business acumen. Don’t ignore those in hopes of staying on track. 

Stay focused on the call, but be audible-ready to effectively listen to the customer and address other key information you need to follow up on. In the podcast, Frank talks about how he may use that new information to push for another meeting, potentially with another decision maker. 

Result-Driven Tips You Can Use in Your Deals Right Now

Keeping your sales conversations focused and purpose-driven is just one topic Frank covers in this podcast on “Lessons From a Sales Veteran”. He also covers tips you can use to make an immediate impact on your current critical deals, in all stages of the sales process. It’s a must listen episode for any account rep, SDR/BDR and manager out there looking to drive consistent improvements in their sales conversations.

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