Make Every Sales Conversation Count

Equip your entire customer-facing organization to effectively create and capture value with their sales message.

Build a Common Sales Language

Best-in-class sales organizations do one thing really well – they equip their sales teams to be effective at the buyer-level. Without the ability to articulate value in a sales message that resonates with a customer’s problems and business objectives, sales teams typically experience challenges like:

  • Selling on features vs. business value
  • Difficulty in differentiating from the competition
  • Selling too low within the organization

These challenges are often the culprit of low deal sizes and low quota attainment. They repeat themselves quarter after quarter.

Sound familiar?

We've been there. We can help.

The ROI of Sales Messaging

Learn our point-of-view on executing a sales messaging initiative that gets results

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Enable Higher-Level Sales Conversations

To improve the way your sales team engages with customers, you need a repeatable framework to guide that buyer conversation and sales message throughout the customer lifecycle.

That starts with clearly defining the value drivers and differentiators that are top-of-mind for your most influential buying audiences, and ensuring that everyone in your organization understands them and can clearly articulate them.  

By uncovering customer needs and linking those needs to business solutions, our clients have consistently gained more competitive wins, achieved higher deal margins and increased their average deal size.

You can get there, too.

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What is Command of the Message®?

In Command of the Message®, we provide a navigational aid that enables your sales teams to have the buyer-centric sales conversations that execute your growth strategy at the point of sale. What makes our methodology different is how we build cross-functional alignment around those conversations.

From sales, to marketing, to product and services, we work with your key leadership to create a Value Messaging Framework that prepares your customer-facing team to be audible-ready, no matter the buyer.

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