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Sales Methodologies that Drive Results

Our Experience is Our Strength

Our process has been refined over decades of launching sales change management initiatives. It's based on what we know sets our customers up for the greatest success. No matter which of our solutions you’re implementing, our sales consulting projects follow a similar, highly structured approach:

  • Discovery: quickly gather the foundational insights required to complete the remaining stages
  • Workshops: rapidly develop the content required for your sales enablement programs through a series of high-impact workshops. We’ll leverage the collective knowledge of senior members from your sales, marketing, product, and talent management teams.
  • Integrate: design and develop the sales enablement programs to leverage your existing initiatives
  • Deliver: deploy the sales training programs to your team
  • Sustain: ensure that the desired learning behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term for maximum sales effectiveness

A 5-Step Process for Success

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Why our Methodologies Stick

Our methodologies are embedded into organizations because we focus on adoption from the start.

Adoption is not an event that takes place after training. It is a mindset that needs to influence the design, development, delivery and reinforcement of any sales initiative.

Relevancy - our deliverables are tailored to reflect the real-world selling situations specific to your company, increasing their value and use.

Reinforcement - we gain widespread management involvement throughout the project which ensures concepts are driven throughout the organization.

Measurement - we help tie sales program results to your organization’s key performance indicators ensuring your sales enablement programs achieve your desired return on investment.


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