Sales Tools: Write A Champion Letter or Email

Sales Tools: Write A Champion Letter or Email

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A Champion can be a pivotal component to your successfully closing an opportunity. A Champion...

  • Has access to the Economic Buyer
  • Possesses organizational credibility, influence and power
  • Actively sells on your behalf, when you’re not there

Often salespeople can be confused if they're working with a Champion or a coach in their deals. This common confusion is why we always refer back to the definition of a sales Champion...

The definition of a sales champion: A Champion is someone who has power and influence within their company and actively sells on your behalf. Champions sell for you because they have a vested interest in your success. Because they contribute to your on-going success, it’s important that you build that relationship. 

Why Write a Champion Letter or Email

Think about the last great opportunity you closed, did you give that Champion credit? 

Champions can be a critical component to your staying tethered to the account, providing the opportunity for cross-sell, up-sell and repeat business. The challenge for you as a salesperson is to make that Champion connection a lasting one.

A “Champion Letter” is one tool that will help you build a valuable relationship with this valuable contact.

How to Write a Champion Letter or Email

Write a letter to the Economic Buyer, the Economic Buyer’s boss, or even the organization’s board of directors. Tell them how you appreciate the clear directive and visions for the company. Explain how your Champion:

  • Understands how the organization’s overarching goals align with his/her department
  • Was effective in tying the organizational directives to the required capabilities
  • Was pivotal in the success of your implementation
  • Created significant bottom-line impact for the organization

Help demonstrate the connection your Champion has to (1) solving a critical business issue for the overall organization and (2) the role he/she plays in making a difference in the company. The more you connect your Champion to solutions that matter, the more advantage you’re going to have within the account moving forward.

Remember, don’t be concerned about the credit. You’ll get the accolades elsewhere.

Celebrate the people who helped you win the opportunity, and earn the critical trusted advisor status that gains you long-term access within the account.

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