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Our Top Resources For Giving Effective Feedback

Our Top Resources For Giving Effective Feedback

Categories: Front-line Managers

Developing effective feedback skills is an important component of being an effective leader. How can you coach your teams to success if you don't possess the ability to provide feedback in a way that's constructive and actionable. Below are some of our most often used resources for front-line managers on giving effective feedback. 

  1. Five Ways to Give Better Feedback 
    This blog post covers our five best tips to enable managers to give better feedback to their teams. From starting with positive feedback first to making someone self-evaluate before you give feedback, this post provides some actionable tips you can put into practice immediately. 
  2. Ten Questions that Will Make You a Better Sales Coach
    Sometimes good feedback starts with doing your own discovery with your reps. From asking questions about opportunities to debriefing a sales call, this blog post gives managers ten questions they can use to dissect a situation and provide actionable feedback that encourages a rep to improve.
  3. Opportunity Coaching Video with Brian Walsh
    In this economy, some of you are fighting for every opportunity. Don't miss a chance to align your reps on the key components of every deal. In this video, Brian breaks down critical steps for managers to take when coaching on specific opportunities.
  4. Five Ways to Be a Better Sales Coach
    This blog post gives some great tips on how your managers can create better coaching environments for their teams. It covers easy things they can do right now to improve performance.
  5. Podcast: Giving Effective Feedback
    Sometimes it's easier to listen to tips, rather than read them. In this podcast, we cover ways to provide effective, honest and actionable feedback that sticks.
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