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Our Best Resources for Aligning Your Executive Team on the Sales Strategy

Our Best Resources for Aligning Your Executive Team on the Sales Strategy

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Many companies underestimate the importance of alignment, especially when it comes to the growth strategy and the overall sales execution process. Without alignment, it's difficult to scale and keep a buyer-focus throughout your organization. If your cross-functional leadership team isn't aligned on what the focus is for your customers, how can your sales team effectively execute? 

The most successful companies that we've partnered with are the ones that effectively align on their customer engagement process and the internal cadence that supports it. Here are a few of our best resources for aligning your executive team on the sales strategy. 

  1. Four Questions Every Sales Organization Needs to Answer
    Every sales organization must have consistent, cross-functional alignment on the answers to these essential questions. Make sure you have alignment on these answers as an organization to ensure your sales teams are equipped to execute repeatedly with buyers. Everyone in your organization should know the answers to these questions. Your salespeople should be able to articulate the answers in a way that has meaning to the buyer. 
  2. Aligning with Your Buyer’s Changing Needs
    In this podcast, John Kaplan talks through how you can use our concept of the Essential Questions in times of great change. The Essential Questions can help you align with your buyer evolving challenges and how you as an organization solve them. 
  3. How to Get Buy-In for your Sales Initiative
    If you want your sales transformation initiative to fundamentally change the mindset and behaviors of your team members, you need cross-functional alignment. Watch our on-demand webinar to understand how you can get other department leaders to support your initiative.
  4. The Secret to Aligning Your Company on Value and Differentiation
     The power of company-wide agreement on buyer value drivers and your differentiators will do more for your bottom line than the other sales initiatives you're considering. This blog covers some key ways to get started. 
  5. The Power Of Aligning Product with Sales: A CTO Conversation:
    After you've successfully established alignment between your product development team and your sales strategy you'll wonder — why haven't I done this sooner? Calvin French-Owen, the CTO and founder of Segment, recently went through an initiative to align his company on the business-level problems his product is solving and its differentiation in the marketplace. The executive alignment was a pivotal component to setting his sales team up for success, even in these uncertain times. In this video, he talks with John Kaplan about aligning to the buyer and the sales strategy.
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