3 Ways Leaders Can Drive Sales Methodology Adoption through Technology

3 Ways Leaders Can Drive Sales Methodology Adoption through Technology

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As a sales leader, you’re responsible for ushering your sales organization through different seasons of growth. On the journey, you’ll probably sort through a myriad of changing people, processes, tools and content. Along the way you’ll work hard to identify and leverage what’s working and change what isn’t. 

Moving sales organizations through seasons of growth is heavy lifting. It requires pulling and stretching and challenging your sellers to reach new levels of performance. As the sales leader, you are responsible for supporting your team while it’s happening. Like we said – heavy lifting for the whole sales organization.

Regardless of the methodology you’re launching or the approach your team will take, technology will likely play a critical role. Your platform should act as a technology backbone to leverage critical content and tools throughout your initiative. You’ll need flexibility to support, reinforce and coach your sellers and managers. You’ll also need actionable insights that provide visibility into the performance and engagement of your sales organization.   

In addition to the right sales methodology, sales leaders need to make sure they serve up the right content in real time with the right engagement management platform. Get these things right and you’ll drive adoption that delivers new levels of sales performance. 

Here are three ways the right technology platform can help sales leaders drive successful adoption of a new sales methodology:

1. Provide accessible, relevant content on-demand, so sellers have the information they need, when they need it

To support your change efforts, your sales leaders, managers and reps will need 24/7 access to content, tools and resources. An accessible content hub helps everyone gain a consistent understanding of how this new approach will specifically change the trajectory of your sales organization. It drives the foundation and capabilities that set the tone for a successful revenue model. It helps to ensure that everybody hears a common language around the process and understands the skills required to execute successfully.  

To truly drive adoption, you’ll need to provide your sales team with on-demand access to relevant content. To help propel seller adoption, you'll also need an execution process that aligns with your growth strategy. These capabilities are critical to deliver the ROI your company expects. They can make or break the success of your sales initiative and drive your foundation for growth, so it pays to get your technology platform right

2. Deliver content that helps sellers drive successful buyer-focused sales conversations

To close a deal that works for not only your customer but also your company, it’s going to require a team effort. The content and messages you provide to help sellers position your solution should ultimately translate to successful sales conversations at the buyer level.   

A consistent message at the buyer level means your entire organization is focused on buyer needs, value drivers, and desired outcomes. It also means your sales team is enabled to effectively differentiate against competitors, including “do nothing” and “do it internally”. Clarity and conviction around those skills is what builds the confidence your sellers need to move buyers to take action.

3. Enable front-line sales managers to successfully coach and inspect their sales teams

With a major initiative, you’re in it for the long haul. You’ll need to gain visibility into your adoption and reinforcement efforts. To drive full adoption and reap the benefits on the ROI side of the equation, your technology platform will need to help you as a sales leader drive clarity, discipline and rigor among your team. You’ll need a vehicle that enables your entire sales leadership and management team to coach and inspect progress along the way.   

Your front-line managers will need the ability to drive inspection and reinforcement. The right engagement management platform should elevate the capabilities of your managers - not constrain them.

As you’re ushering your team through the next level of growth, make sure to provide them with on-demand access to the content that enables adoption and drives sales success. It’s a critical element that helps your sellers deliver value and drive new levels of sales performance. 

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