Client Testimonials

Praise for Force Management from industry-leading sales organizations

After our work together, clients consistently tell us that our sales solutions and training programs deliver successful results. See what they had to say in the client testimonials below.

Rapid increase in productivity

“The first year we worked with Force Management, our productivity per sales rep went up by 31%. Last year, we increased productivity another 22%. As long as those numbers keep going up, I’ll keep using Force Management.”

John McMahon
Senior VP of Worldwide Sales and Services
BMC Software

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Creating a culture for future success

“If I tried to assign an ROI to the work we did with Force Management, it wouldn’t be believable. Suffice to say we underwent a sales transformation and the work with Force Management was an early foundational step along that process.”

Carlos Delatorre
Senior Vice President of Sales

Instilling confidence in the sales force

“Without a doubt, the greatest value that Force Management brought to my sales organization was instilling confidence that our products and services have extremely high value for our customers.”

Joe Schwartz
Former Sr. VP and CMO

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Creating an effective sales management system

“Force Management helped us create an overall sales management system, not only for training and arming our sales force, but also for managing our sales force moving forward.”

Keith Bozeman

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Consistent and powerful sales language

“After our work with Force Management, you could pick any one of our sales reps around the world and they were all delivering the same message. Thanks to Force Management, the effect that we saw was absolutely unbelievable.”

Vick Vaishnavi
VP of Marketing
Bladelogic Division of BMC Software