Sales Negotiation Training Based on Value

Consistently Negotiate Your Value and Differentiation

Increase Competitive Wins

A successful sales negotiation process requires that an organization arm its entire customer-facing team with the tools necessary to negotiate a great deal, no matter the customer. Without a negotiation strategy, salespeople repeatedly:

  • Fail to preserve margins
  • End up vulnerable to buyer and competitor negotiation tactics
  • Negotiate from a position of weakness, instead of strength
  • Have difficulty navigating the customer's buying process, then get relegated to a single buyer contact
  • Are unable to leverage influential relationships to get a tough deal closed

We can help.

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Busting the Myths of Sales Negotiation eBook

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Define a Great Outcome

Turn Your Value Framework into a Strategic Advantage in Sales Negotiation. 

Truly successful sales teams are aligned behind what constitutes a great outcome in any deal, no matter the customer. As a result, they can position higher value solutions to their customers, drive efficiency within internal departments, increase win rates and better protect deal margins.

Create a repeatable process that capitalizes on your value message and drives a winning sales negotiation strategy.

Build a Company-Wide Capability

Our Value Negotiation™ Workshop goes beyond a tactical approach for individual sellers. Instead, our methodology helps sellers leverage value and differentiation throughout the entire sales cycle, providing sales negotiation tools that give sellers better control during the final stages of negotiation.

We’ll work with sales and cross-functional leadership teams to create customized sales negotiation tools that leverage your Value Framework. This will support sellers in consistently executing your negotiation process, leveraging your value and preserving margins.

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