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Tom Martin

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Categories: Sales Conversation

Overcoming Sales Challenges: A Buyer Focus on Seller Deficit Disorder

Occasionally salespeople will sign up for the challenge of trying to sell me something. This doesn’t always end well, but is usually entertaining. I’ve had a few recent experiences with SaaS software providers trying to sell to me and I found myself thinking about John Kaplan and his comments around Seller Deficit Disorder. This common “ailment” encompasses two of the biggest complaints buyers have about sellers: You don’t understand my business. You don’t listen.

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Blog Feature

Categories: Sales Productivity

Improve Sales Performance with Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a fantastic, and free, resource to help you keep extra eyes on your prospects, clients, competitors...and even on how your own firm is being written about on the web. I was initially hesitant to start using this tool because I am overloaded with far too many blogs and email newsletters. However, I gave this a ten-day test period and came away a big fan.

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