What Every Elite Sales Organization Does

What Every Elite Sales Organization Does

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Who doesn’t want to lead an elite sales organization?

Leading an elite sales organization starts with building the content, processes and tools that drive the quadrants of sales effectiveness – message, sale, plan and talent. Beyond those areas are key tenets that top sales leaders follow. Their adherence to these fundamentals result in higher performance, increased productivity, revenue and market share.

Elite sales organizations understand what’s working and fix what isn’t.

If you wipe the slate clean with every new initiative, you’ll waste time, effort and money spinning your wheels. Top sales organizations build on your already established best practices and draft your change initiative into processes that are already working. It keeps change consumable for the sales team. Sales reps and managers can more easily adopt new practices. Think “draft in”, not “rip and replace.” Keep what’s working. Fix what isn’t.

Elite sales organizations understand the importance of making things sales consumable.

There are many sales methodologies out there that have great content, ideas and valid points-of-view. The challenge often lies in the ability of the sales reps to actually put those methodologies into practice. Elite sales organizations build processes, content and tools in a way that makes them easy to execute. Their practicality ensures they’re adopted and therefore, the training investments are realized.

Elite sales organizations equip their front-line managers.

Your managers have one of the toughest job in the sales organization. They’re often caught in an organizational tug-of-war, answering and reporting up to upper-management while helping to move opportunities forward in the pipeline. Elite sales organizations provide their sales managers with the how. They don’t just tell them what to do, they give them the tools, processes and cadence to easily execute.

Elite sales organizations have leaders who lead from the front.

Leadership cannot be delegated. If you are the leader, you need to own your role. Those executives who run high-performing sales organizations understand the importance of leading from the front. We’ve all encountered the lazy leader in our career. He or she launches a giant initiative and then dumps it on the sales enablement team or the lower-level managers to implement. There’s a great speech at a sales kick-off and the leader barely mentions it again. If you want to lead an elite sales organization, you need to do just that. Lead. Don’t delegate your leadership.

Leaders in sales roles have many obstacles to face.  Download our insights below to help create a sales motion that drives rep productivity and accelerates growth.

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