Making the Shift to Selling the Platform Solution

Making the Shift to Selling the Platform Solution

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If you're making sizable shifts next year to enable your sales team to sell a platform solution, you need to ensure they're able to make that jump. These ideas look good on paper, but when it comes to actually getting your salespeople to convince the customer to buy, you likely need to invest in some enablement.

It's a trend we see frequently with the high-tech companies with which we work. The decision to create and sell a broader solution has its benefits, but without enabling your sales teams to sell that new functionality, the decision will never realize its potential.

Here are a few resources you may find valuable as you make that shift with your teams:

Podcast: Selling the Platform Solution

In this podcast, John Kaplan talks through best practices for getting your reps to think bigger, helping the customer to understand the value of the broader solution set.

Blog: Enable Your Salespeople to Sell the Platform Solution

This blog was created after one of our own salespeople had this very conversation with a customer. It provides critical things to think about as you enable your salespeople to make the shift.

Guide: Articulating Differentiation

This guide breaks down best practices to explain your organization's differentiation .Best-in-class sellers know how to effectively articulate differentiation in a way that builds a connection back to the positive business outcomes their customers are trying to achieve. Pair this with the new differentiation your platform solution offers and you have a handy tool that may be helpful to your teams.

Webinar: Land and Expand Strategy

This webinar covers best practices for broadening the sales conversation. A land and expand sales strategy can drive great value if executed properly. Too often, however, sales organizations are unable to move from just "getting in the door" to closing deals that make meaningful revenue impact. This webinar may give you some food for thought as you shift your organization to the platform sale.

Blog: How Do You Know You Need a Sales Consulting Firm?

This blog provides some things sales leaders typically think through when considering if they need help to enable their sales team to effectively support a platform shift. When companies shift what they're selling, they often call us. The change can be too big to manage, especially when you have to keep the revenue engine going and keep sales where they need to be.

Podcast - Selling the Platform Solution

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