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Our Latest Podcasts: Build an Elite Team

Our Latest Podcasts: Build an Elite Team

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If you're focused on providing tangible value to your salespeople and outlets for them to grow and become elite — this month's episodes are exactly what you need. Each episode covers specific ways you can take action right now, as well as insights you can use as you develop next year's sales kickoff. Review the episodes below and share them with your salespeople and managers as you see fit. Find our show on your favorite podcast player, so you can easily download, listen and share.

September Episodes:

Sales Kickoffs: A Discussion

Duration: 30 min


Sales kickoffs can take many different forms and drive very different outcomes. After helping countless sales leaders execute sales kickoffs with meaningful results, our facilitators are sharing some of their top tips. Facilitators Brian Walsh and Antonella O'Day share what they've seen work best and key mistakes to avoid. We called this discussion — the good, the bad and the game changers. Tune in to hear how you can provide tangible value to your reps and managers during your SKO to build an elite sales team.

Leverage all of our sales kickoff resources as you move forward.

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Moving Up and Down in Organizations

Duration: 14 min


The most successful salespeople use low-level buyers to their advantage in prospect accounts to move up in organizations. They also understand the importance of not just selling high, but also doing great discovery lower in organizations. Share this episode with your reps and managers to help them learn skills they can use to sell broadly in accounts. John Kaplan covers tips for moving up and down in an organization to build a business case for your solution that solves a problem that demands urgency and executive-level funding.

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Selling to More Experienced Professionals

Duration: 18 min


If you’re leading a team of greener reps, share this conversation with them. Even, consider making this episode a part of your new-hire training routine. John Kaplan provides tips green reps can use to prepare for conversations with experienced buyers in a way that will drive success and help them feel less intimidated going in. One listen will give reps insights they can use to learn repeatable sales skills and improve their knowledge on the fundamentals of great selling. 

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Lessons Learned in Sales W/ Brian Walsh

Duration: 31 min


Our podcast series “Lessons Learned in Sales” continues as John Kaplan talks with Force Management Senior Partner and Director of Facilitation Brian Walsh. Brian shares one critical experience that showed him how to effectively drive urgency in his deals. He also covers how sales leaders and managers can successfully recruit A players in a competitive sales environment. It's a must-listen episode for sales leaders and managers at any stage of their careers.

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