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How to Retain Your Top Sales Talent in the Great Resignation

How to Retain Your Top Sales Talent in the Great Resignation

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Your most important asset is your people. How can you own the talent management process to make your people your sales organization's biggest competitive advantage?

In this era of mass resignations and global hiring, it's critical for sales leaders to take ownership of their talent management process. Recently, a Microsoft survey stated that 52% of young people polled say they are likely to consider changing employers this year. On the Revenue Builders podcast, leaders have been sharing similar findings. Mike McSally, an accomplished talent leader with 30+ years in the business, shares his insight on the Great Resignation, highlighting that nearly, “8 out of 10 people that are gainfully employed today are willing to entertain a new opportunity.”

Next-level leaders are finding ways to differentiate their approach to talent management. See how you can take ownership, make an impact and retain your top sales talent.

Own Your Talent Development Process

Building a world-class sales organization goes beyond recruiting top talent.

“If you believe you are hiring the right people upfront based on the profile and interview process, it’s your job as a leader to make those people successful.” - Lacework President and CRO, Andy Byron on the Revenue Builders podcast.

Talent is your only sustainable competitive advantage. Improve your sales organization’s ability to not only develop, but also retain tomorrow’s top-performing salespeople.

On the Revenue Builders podcast, host John Kaplan shares, "It’s the company’s responsibility to provide their sales talent with resources and knowledge to be successful. Provide your salespeople with the knowledge that they're going to need and give them the opportunity to enhance, develop and hone their skills. Then, it’s the responsibility of the individual to bring their character into that equation."

As a sales leader, you cannot underestimate the importance of owning your sales talent process. Regular evaluation of your talent (and the tools you’re providing them with) are critical to successfully managing and growing revenue year after year. Use these action steps to get started.

Action Steps to Improve Your Talent Management Approach

  • Asses your current talent management process: Dig into your sales organization's current state. You may be monitoring rep performance on some level, but what processes have you put in place to build “B” sellers into “A”s. How can you build those reps, while retaining your highest performing people? Do you hire what you think are top performers, only to see that they aren’t worth their cost in the long run? Dig deeper.
  • Meet your people where they are: Provide your sales managers with a way to meet individual salespeople where they are, so they can build up and develop each rep on an individual basis. Dig deeper.
  • Help your managers make a bigger impact: Provide your mid-level and front-line managers with the skills and tools to make an impact on rep success. Your managers are closest to your reps. Help them get their reps to see the value in selling for your company. Dig deeper.
  • Find out where salespeople are struggling and adjust course: Top salespeople have a strong desire to improve, and they often want to sell for a company that will help them get there. Show your salespeople that you’re investing in their success. Dig Deeper.
  • Lead from the front: Whether you run a global sales team or operate closely with sales reps on a daily basis, find ways to stay visible to your sales organization. Communicate critical concepts via all-sales newsletters or on-video meetings. Keep your salespeople up to date on the progress of current sales and company initiatives. Motivate your salespeople by staying engaged with them in whatever means possible. Dig deeper. 

Invest in Your Most Important Asset: Your People

The most successful sales leaders right now are finding ways to invest in, retain and support their sales talent. It’s clear that sales leaders don’t want their organization to fall victim to the great resignation or the costs associated with too many bad hires. Determine what you can do to build your sales talent into tomorrow’s top-performing salespeople. 

Hire the right talent and empower them to take your sales organization to the next level. Here are three areas sales leaders are focusing on right now to make it happen.

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