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Drive Revenue by Aligning Your SDR Team With Your Broader Sales Organization

Drive Revenue by Aligning Your SDR Team With Your Broader Sales Organization

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BDR/SDRs are vital to an organization's ability to gain market awareness, grow and scale. Keeping a growth engine going around this function is not easy. Its propensity for high turnover can make it difficult to enable BDR/SDR teams to make a consistent impact.

Do these concerns sound familiar?

  • On-going influx of unqualified leads
  • Diminishing and/or inconsistent pipeline
  • Low ROI from BDR/SDR teams (including loss of marketing dollars)

These red flags are often a sign of misalignment between BDR/SDR teams and the broader sales organization. Here’s how you can improve alignment between both crucial parties to drive more consistent revenue and growth:

Align your organization on value-driven messaging

As with many sales challenges, the problem often stems from a lack of alignment on the value and differentiation of your solution and the ability for your entire sales organization (no matter roles) to articulate that message in a way that has meaning to the buyer. This means everyone in their organization, from C-suite, to sales, product and BDR partners, are equipped with consistent answers to these four essential questions:

  1. What problems do you solve?
  2. How do you solve those problems?
  3. How do you solve them differently and/or better than the competition?
  4. Where have you done it before? 

Cross-functional alignment on these answers is a first step to ensuring your SDRs/BDRs can move the needle.

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Enable your BDRs with the content they need to capture prospects’ interest

Too often, the BDRs/SDRs are dismissed as not as capable or important as the salespeople who actually close the deals. But when your team is lacking pipeline, which organization is put to the fire? These front-line reps are critical to the success of an organization and recognizing their importance to not only booking meetings, but beginning the process of value-based selling.

Many organizations often have messaging resources for their BDR teams. But, often the link between BDR documents and how an AE or enterprise rep articulates the value of their solutions is missing. Aligning these messages is crucial. When BDRs struggle to communicate value to prospects, in their short conversations, they miss opportunity. The buyer has to see why it’s important to even start a conversation with the company. They have to be relevant and valuable to potential leads.

If your company has clear answers to the essential questions mentioned above, you need to make sure that understanding is embedded into the tools you have developed for your SDRs/BDRs.

  • Do they have a clear understanding of the problems your solution solves in relation to the roles/people they’re calling?
  • Can they articulate how that solution drives more value than a competitor’s as it relates to those problems?
  • Do they know the success metrics your company has achieved at accounts similar to the ones they’re calling on? Can they rattle them off quickly?
  • Are they able to articulate the same message as your direct teams?

The call resources and planning tools you provide your BDRs with should enable them to:

  • Provide reasoning they can reference for why they’re calling that articulate value they can provide the prospect right away to hold their interest
  • Align immediate prospect push back with specified benefits they would get from moving the process forward
  • Create an urgent need to learn more or book a meeting based on benefits aligned with what you’re 100% capable of offering (to minimize false promises, unqualified leads and low-value deals)
  • Briefly highlight buyer value drivers that your enterprise reps can leverage to negotiate on value over price

Enable the growth you need right now:

Your BDR/SDR team was built to succeed in a virtual environment. You built the team to get attention over the phone, through email, on social. They could be the linchpin to booking more pipeline and turning your quarter around. Take the necessary steps to equip them effectively.

Creating alignment and establishing cross-functional command of your message is less complex than you may assume. Learn more and see how we can help your organization move forward with this initiative virtually.

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