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Customized Delivery
From project kickoffs to reinforcement efforts, we are prepared to deliver in a way that works best for you and your team.
Effective Collaboration
Align your cross-functional teams remotely in a way that leads to the desired outcomes for your sales initiative.


Reinforcement Focus

Content developed by the experts, available 24/7 through our Command Center® platform, so your team can continue to build proficiency remotely


Commitment to Success

From start to finish, a rigorous focus on results. Our project teams know how to get you the outcomes you need, in-person or virtually. 

Virtual Learning That Accelerates Adoption

The Command Center™ is a mobile application and engagement platform that accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement.

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Lead from the Front

Commit to Achieving the Results.

You still have a number to hit this quarter, this year. You need your teams ramped and ready to execute, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Force Management's strength has always been our ability to drive results for our customers, no matter the circumstances. Our project teams are prepared to deliver our programs in a way that works best for your company and current needs. Whether it's virtual workshops, online coaching, or shorter trainings spread out over extended periods of time, we have a way to execute and deliver what you need. If you're considering going virtual, understand exactly what changes in a live, virtual sales training session, to see how it compares to an in-person event.

The Power of a Virtual Sales Engagement

See how you can launch your initiative virtually to drive immediate and on-going results.

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How We Work With Customers Remotely

When you need productivity from your sales teams, you can't slow down. Every day that goes by is one less day that you have to meet your numbers. We are working with our customers right now to help them keep their initiatives running, responsibly and in a way that aligns to their organizational goals. 

Support for the Entire Engagement
Virtual Executive Meetings and Full Team Trainings
Strategic Work Plans to Assist in Driving Adoption Remotely
Customized Delivery Options based on Organizational Needs
“As a sales leader, you often don’t have time to wait. You need your teams to produce results. By implementing Force Management’s methodologies virtually, we were able to maintain momentum with our sales initiative and make valuable progress towards our ultimate revenue goals. We are now in a position to fully realize our expected results, which is meaningful given our current environment.”

Jamie Garverick, Head of Sales

How We Support Your Virtual Engagement

We embed best practices throughout our sales initiative delivery.


1. Kickoff and Workshops

Our kickoff and workshop sessions are critical to preparing for the roll-out of the methodology to your teams. We spread these sessions out over several days and use shorter time blocks per day than our in-person sessions. 

Also, The Command Center, our online content hub, helps to provide an overview of the methodology for all participants. The platform's approach to short, consumable content means busy team leads can prepare and know what to expect for the kickoff and workshops.  This fluency helps to ensure alignment across the executive team and key remote resources who will be involved in the engagement.



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2. Delivery

Delivery is when the program is launched to the sales organization based on the content that was created by your executive leadership and key team leaders during the preparation stages.

Like the kickoff and workshop sessions, these sessions are aimed at maximizing rep engagement remotely. We spread the training out over several days to ensure full participation and that the desired learning outcomes are achieved. Reps work with live opportunities, making it easy to apply the new methodology to their day-to-day selling activities. 

The Command Center provides all training participants access to any exercise prep and additional explanation to ensure that any in-person training exercises are understood and effectively prepared (e.g., role plays).

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3. Reinforcement

During adoption,  The Command Center provides a single location for all participants to access sales consumable reinforcement content and begin applying the core principles to live opportunities. Content is delivered in short, digestible snippets and may be in the form of videos, learning modules, podcasts or blogs. Managers have a dashboard for tracking participation and completion of activities and courses to ensure adoption is taking place. They can also assign specific courses and content as part of a tailored Individual Development Plan.

Our Customer Success team works with our clients to assess where they are having the most success, and areas they may need to address in more detail with their team. We can also deliver additional remote training courses or conduct Opportunity Coaching Sessions depending on the most pressing needs for your team.  

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This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

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