When to Leave A Voicemail

When to Leave A Voicemail

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The role of the Sales Development Representative (SDR) has become more relevant today than any other time in the past. Organizations are investing in this resource as they recognize that SDRs can handle the “front end” of the sales cycle, freeing time for Account Executives or field Reps to focus on advancing the opportunities forward. This division of labor is effective.

The SDRs have their own sales cycle, as well as tools available to them to help them accomplish their goal. One important tool is leveraging the power of voicemail. Here are some questions to consider:

Do you recommend leaving a voicemail? The short answer is yes!

When do you leave a voicemail? This is largely dependent on your call sequence and cadence. It is recommended that you make several call attempts in order to engage the prospect on a “live call.” After you have done this and your attempts have not been fruitful, then you leave a voicemail.

How long should a voicemail be? A good voice mail should be like a Super Bowl commercial, right around 30 seconds.

What should I say on my voicemail? Your voicemail should state the purpose of your call, and should include a value statement as well as your contact information.

Do you have any other tips for voicemails? Yes, make each voicemail unique, there is no need to mention previous attempts.

Any other thoughts? Write your voicemail for optimal message, and socialize the voice mail with your manager or your peers. Take the time to read it, time it and record it until you feel comfortable with your tone of voice, inflexion and energy. Write three or four voicemails with different scenarios and value statements; remember that you are trying to create an impression and recognition of your name and your solution.

When incorporated with a prospecting omni channel approach, voicemail is a powerful tool that can help your outreach goal of creating prospect engagement. Measure your approach, adjust and improve, your persistent efforts will yield significant results.

Ivan Gomez

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Ivan Gomez is a Force Management Partner who specializes in training inside sales teams. He's also the President and Founder of NextStage, LLC, a consulting firm that helps companies accelerate go-to-market strategies with sales development and inside sales. This blog was originally published on NextStage's website.

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