Business/Sales Development Reps Bootcamp
Powered by Command of the Message®

Quickly Demonstrate Value and Own Next Steps

Don't Leave Your Value to Chance

Your sales development reps play a critical role in uncovering key business problems, demonstrating your value, and advancing the sales process. Often, they have to do that in minutes.

It's a role you can't afford to leave to chance.

Your BDR/SDR teams need the tools, processes and content that helps them target the right buyers and effectively articulate the messages that move the conversation forward. 

Help them command their message with tools and content customized to your organization, your buyers and your process. 



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Comprehensive Certification Program

Our BDR/SDR Bootcamp Powered by Command of the Message®  helps your team learn how and when to use the appropriate channels to engage prospects, develop the necessary phone skills to move the conversation forward and increase the number of qualified leads to field sales. The program will help you: 

  • Create BDR/SDR-specific tools and content, customized to your organization, that help reps effectively bridge the gap between marketing and field sales. 
  • Provide critical skills training, from time management to getting a meeting, tailored to the needed areas of improvement for your team.
  • Integrate application, practice and continuous learning into the daily operating rhythm of your business/sales development team. 

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Program Highlights


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Customized Sales Development Tools
This isn't a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf training approach. We work with your executive management team to develop customized sales development tools needed for successful prospecting. We also work with sales development, field sales and marketing to create a toolkit that drafts into your current sales process. 

On-site Training with Practical Application
After our executive workshop, the tools are rolled out in a multi-day on-site training session. The sessions consistent of interactive instructor-led training each morning and structured on-phone application, observation and coaching in the afternoon. 

Customized Courses to Fit Your Team's Needs

The length and flow of training is customized based on your needs and the gaps of your team. We have a series of modules that you can pick and choose from to ensure our process is aligned to your most pressing business needs. 

To see the full list of modules, download our product sheet.

Our Customer Experience

Our strength is our experience. Our proof is in our results.

I’ve used other companies and they’re professional trainers, not salespeople. They don’t have the credibility that Force has. It’s not about training. It’s about getting that foundation that enables them to get going quickly. Having the methodology and a model like Force Management has is an accelerator. It’s a catalyst to getting this done much faster because you, the sales leader, don’t have time to wait.

Rich Park
Vice President of Agency, MGA, and Carrier Markets, Vertafore

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