Our Latest Podcasts: Driving Results in a Murky Sales Environment

Our Latest Podcasts: Driving Results in a Murky Sales Environment

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The goal of this month's episodes was to share how your sales organization can pivot in their mindset and their daily sales activities to drive results — even during challenging times. Each episode covers timely tactics sales leaders, managers and reps can use to move and close high-value deals. Review our rundown of episodes below. Share these insights with your sales team to improve execution and their ability to hit their numbers. 

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September Episodes:

Episode 28: The SKO: What Other Sales Leaders Are Doing

Duration: 23 min

Topic: There’s no doubt that next year’s SKO will be different from years past. In this episode, we sat down to discuss how some of the sales leaders we work with are approaching their upcoming sales kickoffs. Many of them are shifting to sales initiatives. They're focused on three specific areas of sales effectiveness. Find out what those areas are and how you may be able to help your organization overcome similar sales execution challenges.

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Ep 28 - SKO - podcast teaser


Episode 29: Getting Your SDR Process Right

Duration: 16 min

Topic: Many sales organizations often make the same mistakes when it comes to driving results from their SDR organization. Special guest, Patrick McLoughlin, Senior Director of Consulting and Facilitation at Force Management, covers how sales organizations can benefit from generating alignment between their SDR/BDR organization and their sales organization.

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Ep 29 Podcast Teaser (SDR Process)

Episode 30: Staying Motivated in Today's Environment

Duration: 11 min

Topic: Finding motivation in a foggy sales environment can be a constant battle, especially when territories are seemingly becoming smaller and pipelines are continuing to fluctuate. We sat down with John Kaplan to discuss ways to improve productivity and keep yourself and/or your sales teams motivated by being uncommon in what you do. Listen in, and share with any of your sales managers or reps who who may need a boost right now.

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Episode 31: How to Move Yourself Beyond Mediocrity

Duration: 14 min

Topic: What separates the best salespeople from the rest? Patrick McLoughlin joins us again to share his thoughts on becoming elite while running through Kobe Bryant’s ten rules for achieving greatness. It’s a timely listen, especially for sales reps and managers who are struggling in foggy sales environments.

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Episode 32: How Your Internal Process is Crippling Your Sales Negotiations

Duration: 20 min

Topic: One area of negotiation many companies fail to pay attention to is the internal process behind every sales negotiation. Optimizing your internal sales process and minimizing bottlenecks can provide your sales teams with an efficient way to increase deal velocity and achieve better outcomes. In this episode, Force Management Senior Partner, Tim Caito, shares the essential questions you can use to evaluate your own internal negotiation process and refine it.

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