Partner With Your CMO on the Path to Revenue Growth

Partner With Your CMO on the Path to Revenue Growth

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While the delineation between marketing and sales can vary from one organization to the next, establishing a close working relationship between both areas remains critical. The most successful companies are the ones with leaders who can mitigate any silos and ensure the entire customer-facing organization is aligned with what’s most important to their buyer.

Find ways to establish clear alignment with your marketing counterparts to build a revenue engine that powers aggressive growth in your market.

In a conversation on the Revenue Builders podcast, hosts John McMahon and John Kaplan talk with Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions, the leading corporate travel and expense management platform. Eisenberg brings more than 20 years of experience navigating both Sales and Marketing ecosystems. She shares a few tips for connecting marketing and sales actions.

Top Tips for Improving Marketing and Sales Alignment

As you enable a team of revenue builders, leverage your marketing counterparts. Gain their support for your priority initiatives and ensure they’re aligned on a buyer-focused, go-to-market approach. 

1. Own the responsibility of creating a great feedback loop:

Create a cadence that enables you to constantly communicate with your CMO. Use this time to provide clarity to marketing leaders around current buyer challenges.

A solid B2B solution combined with a great feedback loop between marketing and sales establishes the necessary foundation for scalable go-to-market (GTM) success. Marketing and sales leaders own the responsibility of building that feedback loop.

2. Be the voice of your customer:

In most organizations, Sales is the voice of the customer.

In meetings with your marketing counterparts, be clear about what your sales organization needs from marketing to drive front-line results but avoid making these conversations solely focused on those needs. In your communication, share success stories and real-world insight. Bring your marketing team up to speed on what's relevant to your buyers and what sellers are hearing on the front lines.

Your marketing organization will likely welcome any information that will help their team sit in the seat of the customer, and solidify their knowledge of buyer pain points, value drivers and before/after scenarios. Providing this clarity will further improve your marketing team's ability to create highly consumable materials that your sales team can use with the buyer.

Learn From the Best to Build the Best

Creating a solid relationship with your CMO will remain critical as you motivate your salespeople and help them become revenue builders. Continue to find ways to leverage your relationship with C-suite counterparts to improve front-line sales performances. 

When each department is working to meet company goals on their own, it can be difficult to secure the resources and support you need to enable your sales organization to hit revenue targets. Start by minimizing silos across your organization.

As you work to capture cross-functional alignment around sales priorities — gain perspectives from leaders who’ve been there, done that and driven revenue results. Become a next-level revenue builder. Get this guide and see the three areas sales leaders prioritize to scale revenue growth.

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