Our Top 5 Sales Kickoff Resources

Our Top 5 Sales Kickoff Resources

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SKO season is quickly approaching. Like many aspects of this year, sales leaders are again faced with having to rethink the norm and find new ways to achieve their desired outcomes. Sales leaders are considering what makes sense for this year's SKO event, and how it can be used efficiently to align sales organizations around what’s needed for 2021.

If you’re responsible for equipping your sales teams to hit next year’s growth goals, we have resources that can help. Review some of the insights that other sales leaders, like yourself, have found the most value in. These are our most popular sales kickoff resources:

1. Charting A New Mindset for Virtual SKO Success

A new mindset has been a recurring theme in the 2020 landscape, this year’s SKO will likely follow suit. Many elite sales leaders are already planning on using the event as a way to address their plan to support their sales teams success and align the organization on what’s needed to hit next year's revenue goals. With budget cuts affecting many companies, it’s crucial that you and your enablement team are intentional about what type of event and strategic sales initiative you invest time and resources into. This eBook provides sales leaders with a realistic idea of how to move forward with a virtual sales transformation event that enables their organization to compete long into 2021.

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2. A Conversation on What Other Sales Leaders Are Doing

There’s no doubt that next year’s SKO will be different from years past. In this episode of The Audible-Ready Podcast, we sat down to discuss how some of the sales leaders we work with are approaching their sales kickoffs differently this year. Many of them are shifting to sales initiatives, focusing on three specific areas of sales effectiveness. Find out what those areas are and how you may be able to help your organization overcome similar sales execution challenges.

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3. The Power of a Virtual Sales Transformation Webinar

Many sales leaders are trying to decide when to move forward with a necessary change initiative. It’s important to keep in mind that waiting is the same as doing nothing. Whether you need to ramp your sales teams up on a new messaging initiative or are hoping to use next year’s SKO to improve your ability to predict the business — moving forward virtually will enable you to align your sales organization around what’s needed to compete. 

We sat down with Force Management's Chief Operating Officer Dave Davies and Brian Walsh, Managing Director of Facilitation and Delivery, to discuss how sales organizations are achieving their desired outcomes right now, in the virtual environment. They share insights on how to develop and execute a virtual sales engagement that sets your sales organization up for success.

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4. Setting Objectives for a Virtual Sales Kickoff

Regardless of how you execute this year’s event, your SKO objectives still need to align with your organization's largest areas of opportunity for sales growth. Given current state, do you or your enablement team know what area of sales execution your sales organization is struggling with the most? What high-value sales activities and process changes do you need to ramp your sales teams up on to drive success long after your SKO event is over? 

Make your sales initiative stick and drive ROI from your SKO event by setting relevant and measurable objectives. When you take the time to develop clear objectives for your initiative you’ll be more prepared to develop a training event that equips your salespeople to execute on the specific actions they’ll need to take to drive your desired outcomes. Set action-oriented objectives for your SKO by factoring in these five critical concepts.

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5. How to Set Up an Effective Adoption Plan Around Your Sales Kickoff

Often, what happens after the SKO event or training is almost more important than what happens in the actual SKO. The key to making a sales initiative stick, particularly in a virtual environment, is to have a plan for result-driven adoption and reinforcement. What happens after the SKO? What is the plan to reinforce any new methodologies, processes, content or tools throughout the year? 

Ensure you’ve got a ready-to-launch plan that you, your sales managers and your reps are working towards. Here are a couple of best practices we encourage our clients to put forth, when launching a sales initiative tied to a sales kickoff event.  

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Ultimate Sales Kickoff Resource Guide

Rethink your sales kickoff and set your organization up to maintain momentum, recover revenue or continue your accelerated path to growth. Get all the resources you need to ensure your sales team can execute against next year's revenue goals on our new, sales kickoff resource guide.

If you’re already considering moving forward with your sales initiative, and are wondering how you can use your SKO to launch it effectively, let’s talk.

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