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Our Latest Podcasts: Tactics That Get Results

Our Latest Podcasts: Tactics That Get Results

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The goal of this month's episodes was to share key strategies sales teams can implement right now to close opportunities. Each episode covers timely tactics sales leaders, managers and reps can use to make an impact on the live deals in the pipeline. Review our rundown of episodes below. Share these effective strategies with your sales teams to help them hit their numbers this quarter and the next.

Each episode is available on your favorite podcast player, so you can easily download, listen and share.

July Episodes:

Episode 20: Negotiation FAQs & Best Practices

Duration: 35 min

Topic: Deep discounts, no-decisions and losses have become commonplace for many sales teams. In this episode, Force Management Senior Partner Tim Caito, covers key ways sales teams can mitigate margin cuts and losses to increase average deal size consistently. In doing so, he'll share the three things managers can do to continually coach on rep negotiation skills and drive seller behavior away from discounting for good.  

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Episode 21: Creating an Audible-Ready Sales Organization

Duration: 10 min

Topic: Getting back to the basics on The Audible-Ready Podcast, we're discussing what it means to be "audible-ready" and how sales leaders can equip their teams to articulate the value of their solutions in a way that has meaning to the buyer — in every sales conversation. 

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Episode 22: Three Things You Need in Every Deal

Duration: 16 min

Topic: How are your sales reps addressing their buyer's evolving needs? Staying relevant to the shifting needs of their buyers is one critical thing sales teams can be doing right now to move deals forward at a high value. Understand what your sales teams can do early and often in sales conversations to stay relevant to their buyer's biggest problems and desired outcomes. Along with staying relevant, hear the other two things your sales reps can be doing right now to achieve high-margin results.

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Episode 23: Virtual Sales Initiatives: How to Get Results

Duration:  27 min

Topic: Many sales leaders are moving forward with their sales transformation initiatives, virtually. They’ve come to an understanding that they don’t have time to wait to make strategic changes to improve sales execution. We sat down with Force Management's Chief Operating Officer Dave Davies and Brian Walsh, Managing Director of Facilitation and Delivery, to discuss how sales organizations are achieving their desired outcomes by moving forward with their sales transformation engagements in the virtual environment.

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