How to Enable Your Sales Managers

How to Enable Your Sales Managers

Categories: Front-line Managers  |  Adoption and Reinforcement

When it comes to running a sales organization, no one can afford to waste time. High-performing leaders focus on where they can deliver the most value to their sales reps before, during, and after sales activities. One of the fastest ways you can provide impact as a sales executive is to provide processes, content and tools to help your managers succeed. 

In many cases, front-line sales managers have the toughest job in the company. They’re trying to motivate, coach, develop, reinforce and inspect their own teams, but they’re dealing with constant pressure from top leadership. People become sales managers thinking they’re going to change the world, but all too often what they end up doing is reacting to constantly changing direction from above.

In this podcast, John Kaplan runs through some best practices for enabling your front-line managers in a way that drives results.  It's only 6 minutes and you can listen on SoundCloud or on iTunes.


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