Eight Ways to Get More Out of Ascender Plus

Eight Ways to Get More Out of Ascender Plus

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If you want to lead a top-performing organization, you need a way to equip the daily grind of sales. Training programs are effective, but what happens after the training stops? You need an enablement engine with content, curriculum and community. That's the power of our platform Ascender®.

Right now, we’re working with sales leaders who have seen measurable improvements in quota attainment and forecast accuracy leveraging Ascender. Here are eight ways they’re maximizing their value from the platform.

1. Master The Fundamentals of Elite Selling Across Your Organization

Ascender’s Elite Selling Curriculum offers engaging multi-media courses covering the foundations that help build the discipline to execute. For individual sellers, that means the chance to hone and prove their sales skills with the industry standard in sales best practices. For leaders, it means a systematic way to define team best practices and create consistency in the way that the sales process is executed across the board in perpetuity. Courses like Actionable Account Planning, Validating Champions, and Maximizing the Effectiveness of Proof Points help drive a discipline among your revenue team while alleviating the burden on company leaders to constantly reinforce and guide best practices. Official course certifications help motivate sellers to stay current on all available content while providing an easy way to measure adoption among your team. Plus, non-course content on a variety of best practices – from influencing the CFO to using AI tools or selling on a consumption model – help ensure your reps are able to tackle their most current sales challenge with content that reinforces your organization’s point of view consistently across the team.

2. Call the Ball Every Time with Elite Qualification

Great forecasting is all about consistency. Ascender’s qualification content can help your whole team get on the same page about the process of defining and executing a great deal. Our MEDDICC and MEDDICC 2.0 courses go beyond the basics of qualification, exploring how revenue teams can leverage MEDDICC throughout the customer engagement process. Learners can achieve certification in the gold standard of qualification methodology and get specific qualification tactics and insights from our sales veteran facilitators. For leaders, Ascender’s MEDDICC programming helps provide the consistent reinforcement needed to get sellers in the mindset to be voracious qualifiers, strengthening deals and improving forecast visibility.

3. Fortify Your Pipeline with Strategic Sales Planning

A unified mindset and approach to pipeline building multiplies the power of your revenue team. Empower reps to take control of their territory and build strong pipeline with certification courses and events around Territory & Account Planning. Ascender’s planning content helps your sales team develop a franchise mindset and execute your sales strategy at the territory level, while ensuring your entire team is up-to-date on the latest recommended strategies and benchmarks for prospecting and building customer relationships.

4. Maintain Sales Momentum with Live Events

Live events are a great way to keep your talent engaged with the sales strategy, role playing, and skill building. It’s why the annual sales kickoff is such a morale boost for sales organizations. But not every organization has the enablement bandwidth to continue to execute training, bring in experienced guest speakers and get employees engaged. That’s where monthly Ascender events come in. Live training sessions and lessons from seasoned sales vets like our own John Kaplan keep your team engaged, fired up and at the top of their game all year long. Plus, they give your team members plenty to discuss and dissect to encourage greater alignment and team building. Encourage your team to take full advantage of Ascender events to unlock the energy of your sales kickoff year-round.

5. Develop Next-Level Coaches Within Your Team

Ascender doesn’t just help make your reps the best salespeople they can be - it can help develop them into great coaches and improve the coaching skills of your existing managers. Coaching-specific courses like Executing Opportunity Coaching, Mapping Team Communication Styles, Skill/Will Model Essentials and more will help your front-line managers become better mentors, maximize the impact of opportunity reviews, and define clear measurements of success to improve leadership visibility into sales team performance. Ascender also offers content for reps to help them chart the path to becoming a manager, helping you cultivate new generations of leaders from within your organization.

6. Take Advantage of Content to Fit Every Schedule

Even during end-of-the-quarter crunch, when you may not have time to join a webinar or dive into learning, daily Ascender helps keep best practices top-of-mind with easily digestible content. 10-minute podcasts, quick tips, and John Kaplan’s Motivation Mondays are designed to keep your team’s head in the game when they’re on the go. Try tuning in on your daily commute or in between calls to keep the sales tools sharp.

7. Engage with Force Management Experts

Force Management’s expert facilitators are a huge part of what makes our training engagements so impactful. With Ascender Plus, their expertise and guidance doesn’t end with your training event. Our FM sales experts are active members of the Ascender community, sharing content, hosting live events, and answering questions in our community.

8. Network, Connect & Learn from Peers

Ascender’s community interface brings together like-minded salespeople who leverage the same methodologies, face the same sales challenges and are motivated by the same goal: achieving elite results. Subscribers can leverage this platform to crowdsource new approaches, tackle specific sales problems, and find out what others are doing in the sales space at any given time.

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