Drive Sales Adoption Success with these Key Questions

Drive Sales Adoption Success with these Key Questions

Categories: Sales Transformation  |  Adoption and Reinforcement

When you invest time, money and resources into a sales initiative, you need it to be successful. Often times, if it’s not a success, your job may be on the line.

In our years of sales transformation experience, we have learned that there are key indicators that help predict the success of the initiative. 

Determine your probability for success by rating your organization in the following areas:

Initiative Alignment 

  • Historically, your company’s change efforts have been successful
  • Your sales change initiatives are aligned with corporate initiatives
  • Your company’s critical corporate initiatives are well defined and achievable
  • Your sales initiative is prioritized along with the corporate initiative

Sales Leadership

  • A designated Sales leader owns the initiative and is committed to successful adoption
  • Your sales enablement change initiatives are manageable, consumable and coordinated
  • Sales Leadership has retained primary responsibility for adoption success
  • Inspection, Coaching and measurement plans are established and scheduled

Adoption Plan 

  • An adoption plan is completed and initiated in the early stages of the engagement
  • Your adoption plan includes communication of leadership objectives, commitments, expectations and timeframes


  • An operating rhythm has been established to ensure inspection and review of initiative action items, at all levels 
  • Specific coaching activities are regularly reported and reviewed by sales leadership
  • The sales leadership team reviews key benchmarks and establishes remediation actions to address challenges


  • Processes, tools and communication are integrated and adopted by sales, as well as other departments (e.g., marketing, services)
  • Effective and regular coaching opportunities are established
  • Sales leadership communicates and rewards success resulting from behavior change                                                              
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