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Our Latest Podcasts: Sales Tips for a Record-breaking Quarter

Our Latest Podcasts: Sales Tips for a Record-breaking Quarter

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If your New Year's resolution is to find small ways, every day, to provide value to your salespeople then you've come to the right place. Our December episodes focused on key sales skills and topics that lead to better numbers and faster close rates. Your front-line managers and reps can implement these actions into their daily activities to ensure consistent application of desired sales skills or methodologies. Peruse each episode and share them with your front-line managers and your reps.  

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December Episodes:

Coaching Your Teams

Duration: 16 min

Topic: What do you need from your sales managers this year? Faster ramp-time of new hires, reinforcement around a key initiative, less slipped deals or reliance on discounts? How well did you prepare your managers to execute these actions? This year, put a focus on providing your managers with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to have a greater impact on front-line sales performance. Start by simply sharing this episode with them.

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How to Hold to a Committed Forecast

Duration: 14 min

Topic: There's not a sales leader out there who isn't constantly focused on reducing slipped deals. In fact, it may be one of your top priorities for this year. Force Management Senior Partner Paul DeMore has conversations with sales leaders nearly every week around enabling salespeople to hold to their committed forecasts. He joins us to share what’s top-of-mind for sales leaders looking to improve win rates. He also covers actionable tips your managers and reps can use to improve outcomes and speed up their deals — and it's already becoming one of our most popular episodes.

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How to Tell Impactful Stories

Duration: 15 min

Topic: Your salespeople's ability to tell impactful stories will help them stand out from the competition and win more. However, some of your managers and salespeople may be unsure how to tell a good story. Styles may differ, but it's their message that matters most. A great story helps buyers understand what’s possible and how they can achieve their desired outcomes. Share this episode with your sales team in your next newsletter or all-sales email to help them improve their storytelling skills and move deals forward, faster.

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Funniest Sales Stories

Duration: 20 min

Topic: Looking back on your sales career, are there are few sales stories that you laugh at now, whether or not they were funny at the time? We put together a montage of the funniest sales stories covered during our Lessons Learned in Sales series. They're surprisingly packed with valuable lessons. Share this episode with your salespeople and tune in.

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