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Latest Podcasts: Catch up on Revenue Builders

Latest Podcasts: Catch up on Revenue Builders

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The Revenue Builders Podcast, hosted by John McMahon and John Kaplan, has quickly become part of the weekly routine for business leaders in all stages of their careers. McMahon, Kaplan and their guests get real, digging into timely topics with some of the most successful business leaders in all company disciplines (i.e., Sales, Finance, Product, Engineering, Customer Success, Executive Leadership, etc.). 

McMahon and Kaplan highlight the characteristics of great leadership no matter the environment, interviewing leaders with impressive backgrounds. Take a look at the recent episodes below. 

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April Featured Episodes:

When There’s No Wind, You Better Row with Meagen Eisenberg

Duration: 59 min


Marketing a travel platform in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal, but TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg turned the challenge into an opportunity. In this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, John Kaplan and John McMahon talk to Eisenberg about what it takes to build company alignment in the toughest of circumstances. She’s a veteran executive who has led 17 successful exits since 2011. In a conversation packed with insight, Eisenberg discusses tough decisions to make around product-led growth, how to drive alignment between the CMO and CRO, and how to hire the right people for growth.

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Moving Forward: A Veteran's Story with Anthony Anderson

Duration: 1hr 17 min


Walking from Milwaukee to California was just one of the many journeys that impacted Anthony Anderson's life. He joins John McMahon and John Kaplan to share his story behind the award-winning documentary, Almost Sunrise, and also discusses important takeaways for anyone leading a team. In this episode, Anthony talks about his own lessons learned and how company leaders can support veterans re-entering civilian life. Find resources here about the documentary and ways you can support Anthony Anderson's mission, fellow veterans and their families.

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Football, Sales & Everything in Between with JD Brookhart

Duration: 1hr


On this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, John McMahon and John Kaplan talk to veteran football coach, JD Brookhart. JD worked in sales before launching a successful coaching career, leading collegiate and professional football teams like the University of Akron and the Denver Broncos. Tune in to hear McMahon, Kaplan and JD discuss building a team, motivating them, and leading them to success. The unique perspectives JD shares from each of his leadership roles make for an interesting conversation that highlights the parallels between coaching football and managing sales teams.

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Hiring to Ensure Success with Chad Peets

Duration: 52 min


In this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, John Kaplan and John McMahon talk to veteran recruiter, Chad Peets, about hiring C-suite leaders and the characteristics that will make them successful in their roles. As Managing Director for Sutter Hill Ventures, Peets is responsible for filling go-to-market roles in their portfolio of companies.

Peets talks about his process for recruiting, particularly for the CEO and CRO roles. Having been in the recruitment industry for more than two decades, he instinctively knows which questions to ask and what qualities to look out for in candidates in order to ensure success for the organization.

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