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An On-Demand Digital Content Hub that Accelerates Adoption

A central location for accessing all Force Management content

Gain visibility into your adoption and reinforcement efforts

Improved Adoption and Execution
Courses, content, and coaching available 24/7 to support your adoption and reinforcement efforts.
Drive Successful Engagement
One location for accessing all content related to your engagement.
A Better Learning Experience

Content developed by the experts, available out-of-the box so your team can build proficiency day one.

Content and Features Added Monthly
We continuously add to our content catalog, improving your ability to drive ROI. 

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Customer Impact

"The Command Center is excellent. It was the right balance of reinforcement without taking away from their productivity, and reps don't feel like it's a waste of time. They see the value and use it."

Brian Zeman, Chief Operating Officer, NS1

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We Don't Replace Your LMS.

We Give You Force Management On-Demand. 

The Command Center accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement. One of biggest roadblocks to sales success is the ability for leaders to reinforce concepts, while trying to hit their revenue numbers.  That's why we built this platform to provide short, practical learning opportunities that drive results. 

It’s not an LMS. It’s Force Management On-Demand. 24/7 Access to the best digital courses, content, and coaching to support your Force Management engagement.

Hear how the platform helps sales enablement and sales leaders drive reinforcement. Watch the video.

Accelerate Adoption with Digital Content

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Engagement and Reinforcement

They're built into our DNA.

The Command Center is built to support engagement with Force Management during, after, and between engagements. The application provides a robust mechanism for testing, evaluating, coaching, and developing skills sets among all levels of the sales organization. Depending on how you set it up for your organization, salespeople can also record video and audio within the platform, providing the ability for them to practice and for managers to coach to success. 

With our reporting dashboards, we can also help you assess how your teams are preparing for the roll-out and perhaps more importantly, how they’re adopting, internalizing, and then applying the critical skills following the training.

What The Command Center Includes

Provides an ecosystem for applying the methodology to your pipeline and moving opportunities forward.

Support for the Entire Engagement
More than 150 Reinforcement Modules
Enhanced UI & Functionality to Accelerate Your Adoption
Micro-Learning “Channels” for Self-Service
Online and Mobile Access
More Content & Features Added Regularly
"The eLearning's provided in the Command Center go in a particular learning path not only for preparation for training, but also for reinforcement. The best part is the Sales Enablement team doesn't need to build it. It comes prepared and available to the team. It's wonderful for us to gain insight on rep adoption. If they miss something we can spot it and we know we always have a training we can point reps to to make sure they get the message and the adoption happens."

Liz Pulice, Sales Enablement Leader

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How The Command Center Supports Your Engagement

An on-demand portal that accelerates adoption


1. Kickoff and Workshops

While we prepare for the roll-out of the methodology to your teams, the Command Center helps to provide an overview of the methodology for all participants. During this stage, we also distribute pre-work for kickoff and workshops as well as communicate training priorities.

The platform's approach to short, consumable content means busy team leads can prepare and know what to expect for the kickoff and workshops. In addition to maximizing time during the in-person training, this fluency helps to ensure alignment across the executive team and key resources who will be involved in the engagement.



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2. Delivery

The Command Center provides all training participants access to any exercise prep and additional explanation to ensure that any in-person training exercises are understood and effectively prepared (e.g., role plays).

Through the platform, front-line managers are also are provided with ways to “lead from the front” during the training session and how to be effective directly following the delivery roll-out to their team members. We find that equipping the front-line managers with tools and resources before training is the lynch pin to success after training. 

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3. Reinforcement

During adoption, the Command Center provides a single location for all participants to access sales consumable reinforcement content and begin applying the core principles to live opportunities. Content is delivered in short, digestible snippets and may be in the form of videos, learning modules, podcasts or blogs.

Managers have a dashboard for tracking participation and completion of activities and courses to ensure adoption is taking place. They can also assign specific courses and content as part of a tailored Individual Development Plan.

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This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

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