Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Messaging

By: Rachel Clapp Miller on September 3rd, 2013

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Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Messaging

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Nothing closes a deal like a sales conversation that’s focused on the fundamentals. If you want to command your message, you need to practice and zero in on the basics, consistently.

Improve your sales messaging with this quick refresher of three things to remember every time you make a sales call: 

Positive Business Outcomes 

Positive Business Outcomes are the tangible benefits that result from a buyer implementing your solutions. By articulating the PBOs effectively, a seller creates a “stand-in-the-future” vision of how the buyer’s life could be a lot better after working with you.  

When you are preparing for your sales conversation, ask yourself these questions: 

1.  Do the PBOs identified address business-level goals or are they lower level in nature? 

2.  Are these PBOs compelling enough for an economic buyer to re-allocate discretionary funds? 

Required Capabilities

Required capabilities define the specific requirements that are necessary to achieve the Positive Business Outcomes. If your buyers want to achieve X, they need to make sure Y is in place. Required capabilities are the essence of the decision criteria. 

Do the required capabilities describe the minimum requirements that are necessary to move the customer from the Before to the After Scenario? Are they compelling enough for your buyer to take the next step?  More importantly, have you explained how your offerings satisfy the Required Capabilities in a way that is superior, or significantly different than the competition – in a way that has meaning to the customer? 

If your differentiators become part of the decision criteria, then you’ve got a good shot at winning the deal. 


Metrics define how your customer will measure success. They establish the key performance indicators that define how success will be measured once the solution is implemented. Use Proof Points to demonstrate the tangible metrics your customer can expect from doing business with you. Putting evidence behind your claims of how you’re better than the competition helps your buyers see the positive business outcomes. They can also influence the decision criteria. Make your metrics relatable to the buyer’s current situation and the positive business outcomes they are looking to achieve. 

If you’re a veteran seller or a sales leader, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Even the most effective sellers can get complacent. Take this week to recharge your sales game. Focus on the fundamentals. Coach your team to remember the basics, and command your message

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