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How to Ask Trap-Setting Questions

How to Ask Trap-Setting Questions

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There is no value without a customer problem. 

That premise is one of the most basic sales principles. Finding a customer problem is the first step to winning the business. The second step is effectively demonstrating why your solution is a better one than the competition's. 

Trap-Setting Questions help you steer a discovery session toward your differentiators. We call them "trap setting" because they trap your competition. They highlight the value that a customer will receive with your solution and the components they won't have if they choose your competitor. 

At the end of a good round of trap-setting questions, customers should walk away believing that your line of questioning got them thinking about areas of value that they hadn’t yet fully comprehended. Trap-setting questions draw the pivotal link between the value that customers want and the differentiators that your solutions provide.

What's the key to asking great trap-setting questions? Download our latest podcast. 

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