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Cold Calling: Improve your Sales Messaging

Cold Calling: Improve your Sales Messaging

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If you’re like most salespeople, cold calling probably resides at the top of your "Most-Hated" list when it comes to sales messaging. Even with a referral, making that initial contact with a prospective customer isn’t always easy.

To help structure a succinct initial sales conversation that gets results, remember the 3 P’s: Purpose, Process, Payoff.


After introducing yourself and identifying your company, quickly state the purpose of your call. Go ahead and say, “the purpose of my call is,” and then be succinct about stating your goal. Your purpose statement might go something like this:

"The purpose of my call is to follow up on a conversation that I had with (name of referral) who suggested that I contact you to discuss how (your company name) is working with companies like yours to address (key market challenges your product addresses)."


Now it’s time to explain your process by defining exactly what you’re asking for and how that time will be spent (ten-minute phone call, an in-person meeting, etc....). Your process statement might go something like this:

“I’d like to take (10, 15) minutes to ask you (3, 4) questions about some of the challenges you may be experiencing with (pain points that your client companies are experiencing)."


Close your conversation with the payoff for the buyer. Whether it’s an actual phone conversation or a voice-mail message, make sure to close the conversation with relevant and tangible benefits that will pique the prospect’s interest. Use proof points from a previous client that had similar business challenges. Your payoff statement might go something like this:

“There may be an opportunity for your company to benefit in ways similar to (another relevant client). (Your company name) was able to work with them to (tell a relevant success story.)

A little planning to craft a succinct initial sales conversation will go a long way. So next time you sit down to do some dialing, let the 3P’s guide your sales conversation.New Call-to-action

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