Sales Kickoff Meetings: How to launch a sales kickoff that actually moves the needle

By: Rachel Clapp Miller on September 13th, 2018

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Sales Kickoff Meetings: How to launch a sales kickoff that actually moves the needle

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If you're like most sales organizations, you are earmarking a hefty budget for next year's sales kickoff. How effective these events are depends on the sales organization, the structure of the event and the commitment of leadership to ensure that it's an event that actually helps to move the needle.

One of the most critical factors of the event's success comes down to a leader’s role in championing and enabling the team. As a leader, you may not be responsible for the event's execution, but you are responsible for equipping your people to execute successfully.

The SKO can't be treated as just an event to start the sales year. Rather, it's a key moment in time that should be directly linked to the strategic priorities of the company. This connection ensures that the activities and outcomes are connected to your organization's important initiatives.

The SKO should be part of a broader operational cadence in how you communicate and enable your sales teams. That's why it's important to plan it early and draft the event into the larger strategy. As a sales leader you can shift the mindset of your teams around the SKO, ensuring that they stay focused on its role in the broader strategy.

During the event, ensure you are executing it in a way that is focused on results. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure the content is relevant to the roles in the room and the day-to-day job
  • The content should be consumable. It needs to be practical. Think one-sheets and short CRM fields, not binders and complicated processes.
  • Set measurable objectives for the event itself and stick to them throughout the planning
  • Spend time on setting realistic calls-to-action for everyone in the room. What should they do differently moving forward?
  • Consider how you can work live opportunities during any training moments during the event. Working with real deals provides an easy way to ensure your SKO is more than just a hob-nobbing event.

An effective SKO takes the right planning and leadership backing in order to make it a success. If it's a must-do in your organization, do your part as a leader to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

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